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How to let go of disappointment and expect the best?

When a person has suffered many disappointments in life, they learn to switch off from life, from expecting good things or even believing it is possible for their life to work out okay. This is a self defense mechanism aimed to limit the pain received and protect from further disappointments. But switching off from life, […]

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How to let life be fun?

Life can be fun if you let go of the seriousness, the shoulds and have tos. You can still achieve your tasks, but in a more relaxed way. Take the time to smell the roses, to notice the leaves moving on the trees, to be present to the sun on your skin and the feel […]

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More Psych-K videos

Why Psych-K works (4:24 mins video) How Bruce Lipton & Rob Williams met (6:02 mins video) High-speed mindset change (7:31 mins video) Important information about Psych-K balances (7:37 mins video) What does the term Psych-K stand for? (8:48 mins video) [youtube=] The psychology of change – explaining Psych-K (73:00 mins video) The evolution of consciousness […]


Videos explaining how our beliefs affect our life (Wayne Dyer & Bruce Lipton)

The biology of belief: the power of our beliefs to alter our cells pt1 (7:28 mins video) The biology of belief: how the subconscious mind is programmed & rules our life pt2 (8:02 mins video)

Healing from child abuse

Subconscious beliefs: pleasure is not okay.

Today I woke up feeling great peace and joy in my body. I felt like celebrating. I didn’t know what I was celebrating. As the day wore on I felt pleasure, joy at being alive and at feeling so good. After a while I noticed that I felt a little agitated. I couldn’t sit any […]