Online Courses

Jodi-Anne intends to create a wide range of online courses and tools that people can use to help themselves in their healing journey. For now, there are free resources that you can access on various topics including stress and illness, healing from child abuse, healing depression, healing fear and anxiety, and healing addictions. There is also a free online course for learning Tension and Trauma Release Exercises by Richmond Heath.

The healing journey demystified

Dr Jodi-Anne Smith – The healing journey demystified (16:19 mins)

The first course Jodi-Anne is creating is ‘The healing journey demystified’. It will be a 9-week long course helping people to heal from child abuse and trauma. This course should be available in 2024. It will be a Master Course, a detailed guide for people to use to advance their awareness, gain insight, understanding and healing. There will be guided meditations and healing methods not just explained, but taught, so you can see how to use them and practice till you are confident in using the tools and techniques presented. Being a Master Course it will be reasonably expensive, but Jodi-Anne will make other smaller courses on specific topics, so that there is something for everyone, regardless of their budget. If you would like to be notified when the online course becomes available please sign up for my newsletter and you will be emailed news and events from time to time, including details of the course launch.