Jodi-Anne is a Wellbeing Educator, Counsellor and Healing Facilitator, specialising in helping people heal from trauma and abuse.

Dr Jodi-Anne M Smith started her career as a sustainability educator focused on obtaining behaviour change, not just raising awareness. Throughout her research, Jodi-Anne became convinced that traditional sustainability education approaches were not going to be sufficient to get large scale behaviour change. To do so we need to help people heal the reason for living unsustainably, to heal the hurts and wounds that lead to addictions, overconsumption and living life at a pace beyond which our bodies are designed for. Hence her focus shifted to helping people to heal from trauma and abuse so that they are happier and can live more simply and sustainably.

Jodi-Anne has worked in the government sector designing and delivering sustainability education programs for business and the community, as well as an Environmental Health Officer protecting public health and environmental health. She has worked in the tertiary sector conducting research on scenario planning for Climate Change Adaptation and obtaining behaviour change for sustainability. She has been a lecturer both at University and TAFE levels. In the private sector Jodi-Anne has designed and facilitated leadership development programs for business and she now works as a counsellor and an educator helping individuals to heal from trauma and abuse.

Jodi-Anne has a PhD in obtaining behaviour change for sustainability, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Health), a Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Management, and a Diploma in Professional Counselling (Abuse). Here’s a link to Jodi-Anne’s sustainability publications and presentations.

Jodi-Anne is the author of two books‘The healing journey demystified: achieving sustainability one heart at a time’ and her most recent book ‘Advice from a higher Source: channelled messages of love and support through life’s challenging moments’. These books are written to help people understand how to heal and support themselves as they do.

Jodi-Anne has been exploring what leads to effective trauma healing and release of the past for decades. She has worked with clients one on one and facilitated workshops on a wide range of topics. She specialises in Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Family Constellations, Psych-K and Crystal Light Bed Therapy.

Traditional counselling, psychology and psychiatry have largely focused on our thinking patterns and emotional reactions as the way to heal, but there is a lot more to healing than that. Jodi-Anne explains that we also need to reprogram our subconscious beliefs, calm our body and nervous system and do inner child recovery work to help complete trauma.

Jodi-Anne shares what she has learned to assist clients to heal. Appointments can be done in person in Meadows, South Australia, by phone or online via Zoom. Appointments can be booked here.

Jodi-Anne’s career summary (15:10 mins)
The healing journey demystified (16:20 mins)

Jodi-Anne provides a lot of information for free. If you find it useful and would like to support her efforts you can donate here. This helps her be able to spend more time producing useful information to help people find peace and happiness.

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  1. I just read more about your book “The healing journey demystified” and I feel it might be just right for me. I had very similar experiences: a choleric, raging (though not alcoholic) stepfather, a mother who had cut herself off from herself in order to survive the daily attacks on her self-esteem and sometimes also her body, not just from her current husband but from previous ones, too.

    I only realized two, three years ago that getting away from it all physically by no means meant that I had gotten away from it emotionally. It’s caught up with me in my work life and in my marriage in a way I could not possibly ignore. And I haven’t.

    I expect to find a similar moment or series of moments of recognition in your book. I’m looking forward to reading it and learning more about what you have learnt in the process. Because it sounds like you have learnt a lot.

    1. Thank you, yes I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I left home at 14 yrs of age trying to escape it all, but it was inside me and the harder I tried to run away from it all, the more it was there in my face for me to look at.

      I went through so many phases of struggle and resistance. I judged harshly out of anger and rage, I isolated out of fear and paranoia, I fought to protect the planet (Mother Earth as a projection of protecting my Mother from my Stepfather), I toughened and persevered determined to succeed at any cost, and eventually I broke open and had to face it all.

      Our bodies remember it all and carry it until we face it, feel it and release it. It’s been such a long journey of releasing the pain, the grief, and the fear. I’m still working through layer after layer, but there’s so much more love, light, joy and peace now. I’m grateful for all I have been through and for who I have become. I hope you find the book useful and insightful. Many blessings to you xx

      1. I read your book yesterday in one go and see many similarities in the dynamics you describe, the leaving of my father when I was 9 years old and the feelings of abandonment that resulted from it, the role reversal with my mother in an attempt to protect her, the fleeing into reading, working, studying, achieving and, not to forget, the stiff joints.

        It seems children are, very wisely probably, drawn to the similar coping mechanisms in similar situations. However, knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to shed them after they have become counterproductive. It does however help become aware of them.

        I hope you will continue to make steady progress in your healing journey. xx

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