Psych-K is a process that can be used to reprogram negative, self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs. Negative beliefs get programmed into us from a very young age where we just absorb what we hear and see around us.

If you were told you’re clumsy, no good, problems are your fault, you’re not smart, you’re fat, you’ll never amount to anything, etc, etc. then these get taken in and believed. They become the programming, the self-talk that affects the way you behave for the rest of your life unless you learn how to change the programming so that you have more self-supportive beliefs forming the foundation of your behaviours.

Psych-K is one way to reprogram those negative beliefs so that you can have the freedom to live your life from a healthier, happier and more confident position.

Psych-K Overview by Jodi-Anne (2:52 mins).

Want to have a session?

During an individual appointment, we would discuss the areas of your life where you have challenges and through muscle testing identify the relevant subconscious beliefs that are hampering you from living your life fully.

We would then do a ‘Psych-K balance’ to replace the unhelpful subconscious belief with a more positive and supportive one. This can be done during an appointment in person or online. When done during an online appointment Jodi-Anne goes into surrogacy for you so that she can do the muscle testing without you present in the room.

You can book an appointment on Jodi-Anne’s online calendar.


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Want to learn more?

Here are some links to other information on Psych-K and how it works.

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