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Welcome to the Life Insights page of my website. Here you will find over 100 answers to questions about life. These have been recorded through automatic writing, answering a broad range of questions about life, how it works and how we can be peaceful and happy. I’m currently in the process of creating videos of the answers so that you can either watch a video or read the answer as you prefer.

If you enjoy these answers you may wish to purchase my book or ebook ‘Advice from a higher Source: channelled messages of love and support through life’s challenging moments’. It contains 85 of these answers. I use it as an oracle deck randomly opening it to a page each day and reading that answer.  (When you have clicked in to view the description of the book, there is a flag at the top of the page, if you change it to your country’s flag it will show you the price in your own currency and enable you to purchase it in that currency. Enjoy! 😊😊😊)

Healing from child abuse

Understanding emotions & emotional release

Vibrant living


Conscious evolution

Understanding family dynamics, intergenerational trauma, and healing through Family Constellations


Understanding emotions & emotional release

Healing techniques

Healing after specific situations

Healing from child abuse (for more resources on this topic click here)

Vibrant living



Conscious Evolution

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