Family Constellations

The Family Constellations method helps you to attune to the wisdom of your soul and your family’s soul. You get to look at your challenges from a bigger perspective, to discover the hidden reasons that lead to your experiences and feelings about life, who you are and your family.

You get to see why patterns are repeating and discover how to shift it and move forward. You gain wisdom and insight from the field freeing you to see it all anew, from a different vantage point, from a more interconnected and spiritual viewpoint.

We are all on a journey of conscious evolution, of healing our hurts so we can reconnect to our wholeness and Source that is within us and supports us as we live our lives. Family Constellations can help us to feel and experience the truth of this, to see that their truly is support available and a purpose behind all that occurs.

It helps us to make sense of ourselves and our lives. This helps us to let go of judgement, frustration, resentment, hurt and pain so we can open back up to love, to connection and belonging with our family system energetically. We work with the souls, the essence, of those involved to heal the hurts, break the entanglements and release the burdens, so all can walk forward in a new way.

Constellations can be done on any topic – health, finances, relationships, career, self esteem, purpose, etc. Whatever question you have about your life a constellation can give you insight to discover what is involved and how it can be altered so you can have more peace and happiness in your life.

Jodi-Anne Smith – Family Constellations – what is it and what occurs in an individual appointment? (4:40 mins).
Jodi-Anne Smith – Family Constellations Workshops – what occurs during a workshop? (6:14 mins)
Jodi-Anne Smith – Family Constellations – what occurs in an online appointment via Zoom or Phone? (5:05 mins)

Want to have a session or participate in a workshop?

A Family Constellation session can be done with a client in person, over the phone or by zoom. You can book an appointment using Jodi-Anne’s online calendar. Jodi-Anne holds Family Constellation workshops in the Adelaide Hills region.

Want to learn how to facilitate FAMILY constellations?

Jodi-Anne teaches people how to facilitate Family Constellations sessions for themselves, individuals and groups. She offers a Family Constellation Facilitator Training and an Advanced Family Constellations Facilitator Training which applies the approach to specialist topics.


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Want to learn more?

Below are some videos explaining Family Constellations

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