Crystal Light Bed Treatments

The crystal bed is a device containing 7 quartz crystals aimed into the chakras. Coloured light pulses through the crystals harmonising and balancing your body. It acts as a portal for positive energies to help lift off any density and residue that is no longer serving you. It can be peaceful and relaxing or it may be full of sensations, as energies and emotions are shifted out of your body. Each time will be different, based on what you are ready to feel and release.

An example of the CLB in use.

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Jodi-Anne offers a crystal bed session as part of a 1 hour appointment which you can book using her online calendar.


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A crystal light bed is a device enabling deep cellular healing that enables the release of buried emotions and issues that block a person from awakening to all they can become.

Through raising the vibration of the person, the detritus can fall away. That which no longer serves them falls off of them, like bark being shed by a tree. It falls off easily when the time is right. The person then integrates the shift, releases the emotions and gains freedom from past patterns and beliefs that were locked in their DNA at that lower vibrational frequency.

Freedom comes from accessing the truth of your heart and being. The truth has just been locked away under layers and layers of conditioning, beliefs and emotional pain. The crystal bed helps you shift the layers and unfold the pain and the past, so insights surface and freedom from the past occurs. The crystal bed helps to free a person from the emotional, spiritual and physical density that is held within their bodies. It enables this weight to drop off and light to take its place.

Each colour is a different frequency of light that balances the chakras and meridians in the body. The light enters the cells providing the energy required for the body to initiate its own healing process.

Often emotional and spiritual healing has to be done first to enable the shifts in the physical body. This occurs naturally in the days following a crystal bed treatment as your body uses the healing energies to help you purge what no longer serves you.

The process is gentle, however, the emotional residue to resolve can be harsh. This is up to each person to process. Emotional pain can not be magic-ked away. It has to be felt and released so that the energy leaves the body. In time forgiveness and peace will descend onto the person, but there may be a dark night of the soul experience first as the emotional pain, blockages, repressed memories and long-forgotten experiences surface to be healed.

You don’t need to know or understand everything. Just trust what occurs is what is needed to clear out your system to enable it to hold a greater frequency of light. As you stabilise in the new vibrational level you will notice shifts in your outer life as like attracts like. Heavy painful experiences will not come in the same way, as vibrationally you are no longer a match to them. You are lighter and you attract lighter experiences.

Tragedies will still occur, but you will no longer experience them as such. You will see the light in all things. It will be easier to move through situations and to see the healing that comes from all you experience. For it, all truly happens for a reason. There are no coincidences or mistakes. All happens to awaken you to the now and the higher consciousness of life and your purpose while here on Earth.

Your life is not for you to gain egoic wealth and happiness. It is for you to grow spiritually rich and self-aware, to come into a state of self-love and acceptance, from which true riches will then flow—to be authentically yourself, knowing that is enough. No need to please anyone else or impress them. Just relax and be. Be content and happy knowing you are awakening to God’s love and the Source/God-Self within you.

The crystal bed helps a person to achieve this through the dropping away of the false layers, the egoic myth. Insights will come, glimpses of the bigger picture of why we are here on Earth. It is a portal to the higher realms and higher consciousness, subtle but profound, fun and easy to do.

When you are ready to face your past, release your feelings and move forward, the crystal bed can help. Lie on it fully clothed and receive the light, open to the healing and surrender to God’s will and purpose for your life.

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