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Feedback from participants in my ‘Repetitive Patterns’ workshop 2006

‘Opened my eyes to a bigger world and I’m not the only one.’ Joseph, Hospitality

‘A lot of AHA moments. Fantastic – so good, it’s made me think perhaps my marriage might work if we both work in the positive pattern model – providing he recognises his tentacles!’ Julie, Preschool worker

‘It has allowed me to creatively approach resolving a number of issues I am currently facing. Options have become clearer. I am aware of what is derived from fear and I am aware I need to assess what is really important to me’. Cheryl, Administrator.

‘Confirmed what I knew. Has brought some other behaviour traits to the front which I know I need to deal with’. Joe, Carer

‘I found the course quite confronting. In the past I have blamed both myself and others. I can now focus on me and working towards being more comfortable with me’. Henry, Real Estate Agent

‘Very informal and informative and easy to comprehend. Allowing perspective and reinforcing that we are in control of our own happiness and have a healthy life. Awareness of where these triggers originate. Acknowledgment of how far I have come and excited by the knowledge of how far I can still go. Reinforced that I am on the right path and that life is a gift and awareness and freedom is the key’ Deb, Obstetrician.

‘I feel this is the direction I need to go in to overcome a lot of my life problems’ Tony, Single Dad.

‘I found it a really good place to start. It explained some of my behaviours and gave me a starting point in fixing some of these things. I thought it was a really good mix with talking and role play’ Nadine, Office Manager.

‘I feel better in myself, not needing to feel guilty for making decisions that make my life an emotionally happier one. Thankyou, I have started to heal, and I’m looking forward to that long overdue massage!’ Irene, Student.

‘It made me very thoughtful and I recognised right away some of the repetitive patterns. I’m happy to hear about the “honest way” because that’s one of my strong sides, but had some negative experiences with being honest. It seems other people will win power over you, if you are honest. Thankyou for this course’ Monika, Teacher.

Participants in my ‘Abusive Families’ workshop 2005

‘Thanks Jodi. Thankyou for all your efforts towards us all. You have a lovely energy and concern, and great presentation skills. I feel happier, more at peace, encouraged and have a greater sense of hope with regard to who I am, where I’ve come from, what I’ve been through, all I’ve learnt and am learning’ Marsha, Dental Assistant

‘Made me think about some changes and things that I can do to improve my self image. I still feel as though I have a long way to go’. Georgia, Editor

‘Interacting with like minded people in similar situations is always beneficial and rewarding, and it gives different perspectives that you might not have otherwise been aware of. Even though I have done a lot of healing the learning never stops and I never want to stop learning as I would like to pass on my experiences and help others someday’. Debra, Secretary

‘It has made me realise I’m not as bad as I thought I was and that more of my behaviour is due to the abuse than I thought it was. It has helped me to see myself and my life differently and not to be so hard on myself’. Melissa, Chef

‘I particularly found the practical exercises beneficial. They give me something practical to focus on and do rather than just be stuck in limiting thoughts and behaviours. I enjoyed the course. I thought 4 weeks would be too short a course, but I’m amazed at how much you put into without it feeling overwhelming or rushed. I was impressed by your vitality and zest for life’ Catherine, Registered Nurse.

‘The course has helped me understand that emotional abuse is abusive. It has helped me understand people, it has helped me understand myself and stick up for myself and has helped me to appreciate myself. I feel more confident in situations and has helped me to ‘speak my truth’ which has been really releasing for me’. Julie, Legal Secretary

‘Forced to come out of my denial and acknowledge the abuse that has occurred both in the past and still is (but to a lesser extent as I am standing up for my rights as much as I can for now). Starting to see impacts and nudging me to do something about it. PS: I literally just came out of denial – my counsellors known almost since the beginning but there were other issues which dominated my conscious mind first’. Helen, Research Assistant.

‘Different perspective in dealing with the anger / emotions starting to appear. Other courses dealt / concentrated on sexual abuse – emphasis more on emotional abuse – hadn’t thought / acknowledged in past. Found bit challenging with males – 1st course with mixed – good’. Carol, Student

‘I’ve realised I’m not alone, and am normal and am feeling better for that’ Marie, Secretary.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. What a beautiful modality. I’m so happy with the group session I recently had. It had really cemented how deeply we are all connected on so many levels. Really eye opening with great perspective and insight on certain personal issues. So grateful that I attended and will definitely like to attend more in the future. Highly recommend Jodi-Anne as a facilitator. Lots of love to you Jodi-Anne xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Rita, it was wonderful to share the day with you and the other beautiful souls who came together to heal and grow. I love this work and how deep it can take us. I look forward to sharing more time with you the next time you come along to a Family Constellation workshop. Much love, Jodi-Anne xx

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