Preparing for your online TRE session

If you have booked an online appointment to learn TRE it is important to have set your room up so that Jodi-Anne can see you when you are lying on the floor to guide you through how to initiate the tremors and help you learn how to self-regulate while doing TRE (knowing when to pause, and let your body rest and balance up, knowing when your body has signaled that it is enough for today and to stop).

Self-regulation is a skill to develop that will get easier with practice. When you are first learning TRE we recommend you only do short sessions (5-15 minutes) with at least a day in between sessions to see how your body feels and responds to the TRE. Your body may need you to do even shorter sessions with more space in between sessions. It just depends on how your body responds and the signals it gives you.

Everyone has a different level of stress, tension and trauma stored inside and differing skills and capacities to cope with and process any trauma and emotions that are released. It is best to go slow and gentle, nurturing yourself, so your body feels safe to let go. That way TRE can be fun and exciting as we approach the sessions with curiosity and excitement to see what our body is ready to release next.

The below images show you how to set up your room ready for your session.