In 2024 Jodi-Anne will be holding weekend Family Constellations Workshops. You can come to one or both days. We will do as many constellations as possible in our time together.

Come and spend time resting in the love and peace of the field, exploring what no longer serves and releasing it, handing back to our ancestors anything we are carrying on their behalf.

Feel the strength and support of your ancestors as you connect with their energy and take your place as the ‘little one’ honouring those who came before you and allowing them to support and cheer you on.

Come be with heart-centred people, speaking their truth and sharing their authentic selves. Be held in the space of love as we relax into being fully present, holding space for each other to heal and awaken our hearts further with love.

Family Constellations Workshop dates for 2024 – Jan 6-7, March 2-3, May 4-5, July 6-7, Aug 31-Sept 1, and Nov 30-Dec1.

If you would like to learn more about Family Constellations there is further information on the Family Constellations page of this website. Constellations can also be done as an individual appointment in person or online. You can book an appointment on Jodi-Anne’s online calendar.

Photos from previous Workshops