Jodi-Anne has facilitated a wide range of workshops in the past at a local community college, the WEA, in Adelaide, South Australia, as well as privately. Her workshops have been on a variety of personal development and healing topics. Jodi-Anne is in the process of creating an online course portal to host her workshops so that people from all around the world can undertake the learning at their own pace, in their own homes. While she is creating her online courses Jodi-Anne will be only conducting occasional Family Constellations Workshops in the Adelaide Hills.

Family Constellations Workshops

Family Constellations is a brief, solution-focused therapy enabling insight and change.

A constellation can be done on any topic, such as finances, relationships, jobs or illness. The process will reveal factors affecting the issue. Sometimes the answer lies in healing emotional pain inside us, sometimes it is shown that the pain comes from our ancestors, something unhealed within the family system. Through the constellation process blocks and entanglements are released, freeing us of the old patterns and enabling us to welcome change into our life.

Family Constellations workshops (6:14 mins)

If you would like to learn more about Family Constellations there is further information on the Family Constellations page of this website. Constellations can also be done as an individual appointment in person or online. You can book an appointment on Jodi-Anne’s online calendar.

Upcoming Workshops

The date for the next Family Constellations Workshop has not been set as Jodi-Anne is focusing on her Family Constellations Facilitator Training which runs from February – July 2023. She hopes to still hold a couple of 1-day workshops during that time. Once decided, dates will be announced here and in her newsletter.

Want to host your own workshop?

Jodi-Anne is willing to travel throughout Australia to facilitate workshops if you organise 10 or more people to participate. If you are interested in hosting a Family Constellations workshop in your home or town please contact Jodi-Anne by email to discuss what is involved.

Photos from previous Workshops