Family Constellations

About Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a powerful process that provides insight and healing to family dynamics. It shows entanglements between family members and generational influences that are still limiting and affecting current generations. The client chooses a topic to explore and the process reveals what is affecting the client on that topic. Discover hidden dynamics and resolve them with this powerful technique which originated in Germany with Bert Hellinger.

Family Constellations can be a fun way to explore your family history and enables a return to love within the family system. Wherever tragedies have occurred and been hidden or not talked about the energy gets blocked. Freeing the block allows the energy to flow again benefiting all within the family system.

If there have been early deaths, miscarriages, abortions, murders, crimes, tragic incidents – all of these can affect the energy flow within the family. These blocks can be healed enabling freedom to all involved. Heal yourself and your ancestors current and past with this powerful work.

Want to have a session or participate in a workshop?

A Family Constellation session can be done with a client in person, over the phone or by zoom. You can book an appointment using Jodi-Anne’s online calendar. Jodi-Anne holds Family Constellation workshops in the Adelaide Hills region.

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Understanding intergenerational trauma

Science now shows that the unresolved traumas of our ancestors gets passed along to future generations through changes in the DNA and how it is read within our bodies. Stress and traumas that have not been resolved result in alterations to the chemical tags attached to the DNA that turn genes on or off, which affect what will be expressed within that person. So you can be born with a tendency towards fear, anxiety, depression, etc as a result of the unresolved stress and trauma passed through the family line. This stress and trauma can be healed and released so it no longer affects you, your children and grandchildren. Family Constellations can help us achieve this and stop the cycle. We can be free and healthy and pass this on to the future generations, so they feel strong, supported and capable of becoming all that they can be.


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