Family Constellations Facilitator Training

Family Constellations Facilitator Training – Are you curious about life and how it works? Do you want to understand how to create healthy relationships where you can enjoy life together? Do you want to clear blocks and entanglements preventing you from achieving your goals and enjoying life more fully?

I will be offering a 12-day training program in understanding the dynamics of life as explored in Family Constellations. It will include theory, practice and guided meditations to help you to understand your life – your conditioning, your patterns and how to release them.

It will enable you to do Family Constellations sessions for yourself, your friends, and even for clients if you would like to do so.

• You will learn how to facilitate a one-on-one session in person, online or by phone.

• You will learn how to facilitate group workshops in person and online with representatives participating in the constellation for the client

• You will learn powerful healing sentences and the common patterns seen in a wide variety of situations, so you have a foundation from which to operate

• With Family Constellations you learn the theory and the ways of operating, but then you empty yourself to receive the insights from the field. It is not a mind-driven process. It is a heart-led process.

• Learn how to still your mind and tune in to receive the insights. Practice doing this. It takes time to develop your inner silence and receptivity. I will help you on your way.

There will be a guide booklet for each module, recommended readings and practical sessions.

You will get to witness and participate in constellations for others as well as do deep inner work for yourself through guided meditations, exercises and constellations, as well as the many insights you will have about your life as you learn about Family Constellations principles including the orders of love, entanglements, blind love, the 3 consciences, the ‘right’ order or positioning within families and relationships.

When our interrelating is out of order we struggle, we face challenges and we miss out on enjoying the present moment if we are entangled with our parents or ancestors. Our attention, part of our energy is literally captured, focused back there and not on the now. Learn how to release entanglements so you can turn and focus on living life now, supported by the strength and goodness of your family system, rather than being enveloped in its pain and unfinished business.

Whether you want to learn it to help yourself, your relationship and your children or you want to start a business as a Family Constellations facilitator, this training will provide you with what you need.

You don’t need to have any special skills or qualifications to undertake the training. I will teach you what you need to start using constellations for yourself and others.

The training will be 12 days, one weekend a month for 6 months, February – July 2023.

It will be held in person, in Meadows, South Australia.

Expressions of interest can be sent by email to If you would like to call and discuss the training my mobile is 0416 089 600.

Dates: First weekend of the month (Feb 4-5, Mar 4-5, Apr 1-2, May 6-7, June 3-4, July 1-2)

Cost $2200 per person. Early bird $1950 till 1 Jan 2023.

Payment plan – $300 deposit upon signing up + 6 monthly instalments of $317 = a total of $2202. Each monthly instalment is to be paid before that month’s training weekend.