Family Constellations Facilitator Training

Family Constellations Facilitator Training is offered each year. There is a 6-month (Feb – July) core training in Family Constellations. There is also an advanced Family Constellations Facilitator Training applying the constellation approach to specialist topics.

The Core Family Constellations Facilitator Training

Are you curious about life and how it works? Do you want to understand how to create healthy relationships where you can enjoy life together? Do you want to clear blocks and entanglements preventing you from achieving your goals and enjoying life more fully?

What is it?

The Core Family Constellations Facilitator training is a 6-month journey in understanding the dynamics of life from the Family Constellations perspective. It will include theory, practice, and guided meditations to help you to understand your life – your conditioning, your patterns, and how to release them.

We will come together one weekend a month to learn, do constellations and heal. There will be a different focus each month.

What will I learn?

  • You will learn about intergenerational trauma and how the unfinished business of our ancestors can be passed onto us to heal. The unresolved trauma results in patterns repeating in families in an attempt to resolve it. We can be carrying the grief, depression, anxiety, anger and rage of our ancestors out of love and loyalty to our family system. We do this unconsciously, at the soul level. We can be entangled with the difficult fate of our ancestors such as poverty, relationship problems, health challenges and more.
  • You will learn how to identify an entanglement and resolve it.
  • You will learn about Family Constellations principles including the orders of love, entanglements, blind love, the 3 consciences, the ‘right’ order or positioning within families and relationships.
  • You will learn powerful healing sentences and the common patterns seen in a wide variety of situations, so you have a foundation from which to operate.
  • You will learn how to facilitate a one-on-one session in person, online or by phone.
  • You will learn how to facilitate group workshops in person and online with representatives participating in the constellation for the client
  • With Family Constellations you learn the theory and the ways of operating, but then you empty yourself to receive the insights from the field. It is not a mind-driven process. It is a heart-led process.
  • Learn how to still your mind and tune in to receive the insights. Practice doing this. It takes time to develop your inner silence and receptivity. I will help you on your way.
  • The training will teach you how to do Family Constellations sessions for yourself, your friends, and even for clients if you would like to do so.

What do I get?

There will be a manual for each module, recommended readings, and practical sessions. There is also a Facebook Group so that we can stay in touch during the month if you have any questions or anything you want to share about your insights reading the manual.

You will get to witness and participate in constellations for others, as well as do deep inner work for yourself through guided meditations, exercises, and constellations.

Throughout the training you will have many insights about your life as you discover the patterns in your family system and heal them.

When our interrelating is out of order we struggle, we face challenges and we miss out on enjoying the present moment if we are entangled with our parents or ancestors. Our attention, part of our energy is literally captured, focused back there and not on the now. You will learn how to release entanglements so you can turn and focus on living life now, supported by the strength and goodness of your family system, rather than being enveloped in its pain and unfinished business.

Whether you want to learn it to help yourself, your relationship, and your children or you want to start a business as a Family Constellations facilitator, this training will provide you with what you need.

You don’t need to have any special skills or qualifications to undertake the training. I will teach you what you need to start using constellations for yourself and others.

When is it?

The training will be 12 days, one weekend a month for 6 months, Feb – July 2024. It will be held in person, in Meadows, South Australia. Expressions of interest can be sent by email to If you would like to call and discuss the training my mobile is 0416 089 600.

Dates for 2024 = Feb 17-18, Mar 16-17, Apr 20-21, May 25-26, June 15-16 and July 20-21.

What does it cost?

Cost $2298 per person. Early bird $2100 till 1 Jan 2024.

Payment plan – $300 deposit upon signing up + 6 monthly installments of $333 = a total of $2298. Each monthly installment is to be paid before that month’s training weekend.

Common questions asked

Do I have to attend all modules in person?

Yes, ideally but if you miss one that is okay. You will have the manual to read and we can spend a couple of hours catching you up via a zoom session that all can participate in. We will recap the main learnings and do a constellation practice. You will also have the opportunity to come along to that module the next time the training is run.

Other than attending the weekends what else do I need to do?

It is up to you how much time and effort you wish to spend learning about constellations. Some people, like me, love to learn so will want to read books, watch videos, etc. There’s no obligation to do this, but I will provide you with links to the relevant information you can access if you want to.

Some people choose to participate for their own personal growth and have no interest in becoming a facilitator for others or starting a Family Constellations business. That is perfectly fine. That is what I did when I was learning. I did the training twice! The first time for myself and the second time to further develop my skills and to be able to start a Family Constellations business helping others through constellations in person, online, and in workshops.

If you are ready to learn to facilitate and start a Family Constellations business great! I will ask you to complete the below tasks by the end of 2024.

• Submit a 2-page summary of your personal growth and your growth as a facilitator over the training

• Submit 3 literature reviews, each ½-1 page summary of your insights from reading key books, articles, or videos on Family Constellations theory and practice

• Submit 10 individual session summaries demonstrating your use of Family Constellations with others and your learning and development as you progress. 1-2 pages each.

Once these are submitted and assessed I will issue you with a certificate of achievement which you can use as your proof of training as a Family Constellations Facilitator.

Do I need any existing qualifications to do the training?

No. It’s personal growth-focused training. It is suitable for all. We will each bring our unique life experiences and be at differing stages on our healing journeys. Some may already be practitioners in other modalities. Some may not have ever tuned in to receive messages from the field or your intuition, your guides, etc. That’s okay. We will all learn and grow together as we do the training.

You are welcome to participate. All you need is a willingness to face your hurts and heal them. You will be supported in doing this.

Family Constellations is a beautiful, often gentle, yet surprisingly powerful catalyst for changes in how we feel towards ourselves, others, and our family. It helps you to access buried emotions and speak your truth in constructive ways. It helps you to find peace with what has been and is occurring in your life.

If you are willing to do your own healing work, to be reflective and open to hearing your inner truth, you are welcome.

Do I need to be in any photos taken?

No, you don’t have to be in any photos. At the start of the training I will ask who is willing to be photographed. Some people choose not to be in any photos at all. Some choose to just have their back showing. Some are happy to have their face showing. It’s perfectly okay to not want to be in any photos.

Here are some photos and testimonials from previous training.

Advanced Family Constellations Facilitator Training

This advanced training is for people already trained to facilitate Family Constellation sessions for themselves and others. It applies the Family Constellation concepts and process to specialist topics enabling facilitators to help clients in more expanded ways.

The training will be held in Meadows, South Australia. It will be spread throughout the year (one module every 3 months). Each module will cost $395 and will include a detailed manual explaining how to do constellations specific to that topic.

It is suitable for any Family Constellations facilitators keen to explore new ways to use Family Constellations for themselves and others. It doesn’t matter who you did your initial Family Constellations training with. It could have been me, Susan Altschwager, or someone else. You are welcome to participate in this advanced training if you are familiar with Family Constellations theory and practice.

There will be limited spaces due to venue size. Please send any questions or expressions of interest to

Here are some photos and testimonials from previous training.