Welcome to this website which is dedicated to helping people to heal and embody the light. When we heal our hurts we can align with our higher self, becoming that embodied while here on Earth.

When we heal and integrate all parts of ourself we become a beacon of light helping others to see the light, to see a way forward out of their pain into the love and goodness waiting for us to open to receive it.

Life guides us back to wholeness through the events and people that we experience in our life. The more you consciously choose to heal and do your inner work, the less life has to bring you challenging experiences to get you to stop, feel and heal. My work is dedicated to helping people learn how to heal and do the inner work so they can have more peace and happiness in their lives.

free resources

  • Life Insights – channelled answers to over 100 questions about life, how it works, why we experience what we do and how to heal
  • Healing from child abuse – resources to help with recovery from child abuse and its many impacts such as anxiety, addictions and depression
  • Stress and illness – information explaining the link between stress, trauma, repressed emotions and dis-ease in our bodies. Plus ways to reduce stress and obtain more ease.


Family Constellations Workshops are held regularly to help people to heal and to experience connection with Spirit, their ancestors and the larger family system.


Family Constellations Facilitator Training is offered each year to help people to heal and build the skills to facilitate constellations for themselves, clients in individual appointments and in workshops.


Appointments are available in person and online to help you heal. Jodi-Anne uses a variety of modalities including:


Thank you to the beautiful souls who have provided me with testimonials after participating in individual appointments, workshops or training, watching my videos or reading my books and blogs. To view more testimonials click here.

Susan Altschwager (Family Constellations Facilitator Training)

‘Thanks Jodi. Thank you for all your efforts towards us all. You have a lovely energy and concern, and great presentation skills. I feel happier, more at peace, encouraged and have a greater sense of hope with regard to who I am, where I’ve come from, what I’ve been through, all I’ve learnt and am learning’ Marsha, Dental Assistant (participant in ‘Abusive families’ workshop)