Free resources:

The below links contain useful information on the the healing journey. Jodi-Anne provides this free information in the hope that all people find what they need to heal and have inner peace and happiness.

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

Jodi-Anne specialises in Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). TRE is the body’s natural process for releasing stress, tension and trauma. TRE is a set of gentle exercises to activate the body’s inbuilt tremoring mechanism so it can shake out the tension, stress and trauma.

When the body is triggered in threat or perceived danger it gets pumped full of adrenaline and cortisol to prepare it to fight back or run away. If you don’t run or fight those chemicals stay within the body and contribute to the chronic tension, tightness, and soreness that we feel when our muscles are locked up and have restricted movement. TRE helps to unwind these tension patterns.

TRE can be learned in individual appointments in person or online or in group classes. Once learned you can use TRE regularly on your own at home to help your body relax, let go of any stress, tension and trauma, and return to its natural calm state.

Family Constellations

Jodi-Anne specialises in Family Constellations, which is a brief, solution-focused therapy used to explore challenges you are having in your life. You choose a topic then use the Family Constellations process to gain insights into the situation, what is needed for it to resolve and how you can move forward.

It’s a powerful process that looks at the whole family system to explore if there are any unresolved issues that you are entangled with which are impacting you adversely and limiting your ability to succeed in relation to your chosen topic.

Any entanglements that do exist can be resolved to free you to move forward, creating greater peace and harmony within your family system. Constellations can be done as part of individual appointments in person or online. They can also be done in workshops.

Family Constellations – an overview of what occurs in an individual appointment
Family Constellations – an overview of what occurs in an online appointment via Zoom or Phone.
How does Family Constellations work?

The healing journey demystified

This video contains an overview of what is involved in healing and finding peace within. It discusses the different levels of attention needed for deep healing to occur.

Traditional counselling, psychology and psychiatry have largely focused on our thinking patterns and emotional reactions, but there is a lot more that needs to be done to heal and calm the body so you can enjoy life.

Jodi-Anne summarises these issues and explains why each level of attention is required, including reprogramming our subconscious beliefs, calming our body and nervous system and doing inner child recovery work to help complete trauma and let it finally be a thing of the past, rather than feeling like it could occur again at any moment.

Life Insights

The ‘Life Insights’ page contains over 100 channelled answers to questions about life, how it works and how we can be peaceful and happy. Read the blogs or watch the videos. Below are some examples.

Jodi-Anne’s Books

Jodi-Anne is the author of two books. They are available as printed books or ebooks. The first book ‘The healing journey demystified: achieving sustainability one heart at a time’ is a book about how to heal from painful starts to life. It contains information on the stages of healing from child abuse and Jodi-Anne shares her own journey as a guide. It includes tools and techniques you can use to help yourself heal and awaken into a state of peace and happiness, seeing how your experiences have helped you to grow and to awaken to your authentic self.

The second book ‘Advice from a higher Source: channelled messages of love and support through life’s challenging moments’ contains 85 answers to questions about life. Whenever life took Jodi-Anne to a painful place she asked the most appropriate question and listened for a  response. She received answers via automatic writing and recorded these to share with others, so we can all gain insight into why life works the way it does, and how best to heal and move forward from the various dark places we find ourselves in from time to time.