Jodi-Anne is a Counsellor and Healing Facilitator, specialising in helping people heal from trauma and abuse.

She assists clients to find greater peace and happiness through individual appointments, workshops, online courses (coming soon!), her books and website.

She knows how challenging it can be to heal from past hurts and open back up to love. She guides people through this process so they can love being themselves and living their life.

Life Insights
(Free resources)

The ‘Life Insights’ page contains over a 100 answers to questions about life. Free channelled guidance on how to heal from child abuse, have healthy relationships, release fear, overcome depression and much more. If you are struggling find the question most relevant to your situation and read the blog to gain insights on how to move forward, heal and find peace and happiness.

Healing from child abuse
(Free resources)

The ‘Healing from child abuse’ page contains FREE resources specifically about the process of healing from painful beginnings to life. It contains information on the impacts of child abuse and ways to heal from it. It is suitable for all who suffered when young and still suffer as a result of those experiences.

Individual appointments

Jodi-Anne conducts individual appointments with clients. These can be appointments in person at Meadows, South Australia or online – over the phone, Skype, Messenger or Zoom. She utilises crystal light bed, family constellations, Psych-K, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), counselling and more, to help individuals to advance in their personal journey and evolution, to heal and raise consciousness, and find inner peace and happiness.


Family Constellations workshops – a day to come explore any challenges you are facing, to gain insight into moving forward and releasing blocks to love, hidden loyalties, and entanglements which may be keeping you stuck.

Held in Meadows SA and available in other locations if you can arrange for 10 or more participants.

Jodi-Anne’s Books

Jodi-Anne is the author of two books. They are available as printed books or ebooks. The first book ‘The healing journey demystified: achieving sustainability one heart at a time’ is a book about how to heal from painful starts to life. It contains information on the stages of healing from child abuse and Jodi-Anne shares her own journey as a guide.

It includes tools and techniques you can use to help yourself heal and awaken into a state of peace and happiness, seeing how your experiences have helped you to grow and to awaken to your authentic self.

The second book ‘Advice from a higher Source: channelled messages of love and support through life’s challenging moments’ contains 85 answers to questions about life. Whenever life took Jodi-Anne to a painful place she asked the most appropriate question and listened for a  response. She received answers via automatic writing and recorded these to share with others, so we can all gain insight into why life works the way it does, and how best to heal and move forward from the various dark places we find ourselves in from time to time.