What is sustainability?

Caring for the Earth, living as sustainably as possible.
Caring for the Earth, living as sustainably as possible.

Channeled from Source/God/Universe/Whatever (25 May 2013).

Sustainability is not about going without. It is about living fully in your heart and in harmony with the Earth. It is a state of wholeness and harmony, not one of sacrifice and drudgery. Sustainability simply means to live in ways that do not deplete the Earth’s resources to a massive extent. It is choosing to live more simply, with what you need rather than continuously consuming more and more and more to fulfil unnecessary wants.

When we find peace within we no longer need to succeed, to have fancy gadgets to be trying to impress others with our stuff. We no longer have to compete or conquer anything or anyone. We have peace and simply choose to feel that, to do activities that bring us joy and align with our unique purpose.

Today’s consumerist society encourages us to use, use, use. To buy, buy, buy, but this just leads to waste, to debt, to feeling burdened and trapped by all our stuff, by wanting more and by feeling empty inside, unfulfilled, frantic and desperate, rushing around for no real purpose except going through the motions – Many feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel. They do the same thing day in day out, year after year and then wonder why they feel so lost. Reconnecting to your heart, to Spirit and freedom can help shift these feelings, this drudgery and help you find peace.

Channeled by Jodi-Anne (25 May 2013).

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