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golden heart
Listen to your heart, it will tell you what you need to do to find health, happiness and inner peace.

Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, to maintain harmony and balance. But the way we live today interrupts these natural self-regulatory mechanisms. Many of us do not get enough sleep, rest or exercise. We eat foods that come in boxes or cans and wonder why we feel lethargic, anxious or disturbed. It is not natural to feel these ways but our bodies are coping with a range of toxins received in our food, our water and our air. We are constantly exposed to man-made chemicals and pollution from our lifestyles and homes. It does not have to be this way.

You can use natural cleaning products, grow your own food or buy it organically or from farmer’s markets. There’s much you can do – simply, easily to improve your health – drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables, less meat and complex packaged foods. It is up to each of us to honour the temple we have been given, our bodies, and the larger temple of Earth that we live upon. There are many ways to do this. In this section of my blog/website we will explore these issues. I hope you find it inspiring and helpful in assisting you with your health and wellbeing and that of your family and larger family’s vitality. We are all connected, all one big family here on Earth. No separateness, just oneness. What we do to ourselves, we do to all. When each of us takes action to heal and find peace, we help do this for the whole. Every step taken helps. It is worth the effort.

What is sustainability?

Caring for the Earth, living as sustainably as possible.
Caring for the Earth, living as sustainably as possible.

Channeled from Source/God/Universe/Whatever (25 May 2013).

Sustainability is not about going without. It is about living fully in your heart and in harmony with the Earth. It is a state of wholeness and harmony, not one of sacrifice and drudgery. Sustainability simply means to live in ways that do not deplete the Earth’s resources to a massive extent. It is choosing to live more simply, with what you need rather than continuously consuming more and more and more to fulfil unnecessary wants.

When we find peace within we no longer need to succeed, to have fancy gadgets to be trying to impress others with our stuff. We no longer have to compete or conquer anything or anyone. We have peace and simply choose to feel that, to do activities that bring us joy and align with our unique purpose.

Today’s consumerist society encourages us to use, use, use. To buy, buy, buy, but this just leads to waste, to debt, to feeling burdened and trapped by all our stuff, by wanting more and by feeling empty inside, unfulfilled, frantic and desperate, rushing around for no real purpose except going through the motions – Many feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel. They do the same thing day in day out, year after year and then wonder why they feel so lost. Reconnecting to your heart, to Spirit and freedom can help shift these feelings, this drudgery and help you find peace.

Channeled by Jodi-Anne (25 May 2013).

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Welcome to my healing from child abuse blog.

In this section we explore healing from child abuse and becoming a healthy, fully functioning adult. Those of us who suffer painful beginnings in life have to spend many years unravelling the knots we’ve been tied up into. We have to loosen these, drop the armour, shed the fear, grief, despair and rage, to access the peace and love that was our true birth right. Finding peace is possible after abuse. It just takes time as all the buried emotions and trauma need to be relived, felt and released from the body.

If it was too painful at the time of the events we escape through leaving our body, going somewhere else in our minds or a myriad of other distraction techniques. When we do this our body stores the trauma and waits till we’re ready to feel and release it. It’s buried in our cells, locked in our joints and muscles – it is the rigidity, the frozen energy that keeps us feeling stuck in fight or flight. It cannot be avoided. It has to be felt and released. In this section of the blog/website we discuss ways to do this, ways to cope during the painful stages of the healing journey and how to move through them to find peace and happiness.

Once you clean your house – your body – of the past, you can let the light shine in fully. You can see the beauty that was always there, hidden under the dust, cobwebs and shadows. Now we get to redecorate, to add bright colours and celebrate. This is the time of ecstatic joy and gratitude, gratitude for making it through, for the new feelings of bliss and oneness, for the lessons learnt, wisdom gained and love found. It’s my honour to provide insight and support to help people along this path and into their beautiful hearts.