What is conscious evolution?

Be the love you want to see in the world.
Be the love you want to see in the world.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of evolution at a species level. We are taught biology in school – we see the fossil record and know animals and plants have evolved over time. We see the previous species of human from caveman to now. Many of us don’t realise that evolutionary process continues. We are here on Earth for one reason – to evolve into God-self human beings – beings of love and light, living peacefully and harmoniously with each other and the planet. Using our intuition to guide us and a range of other telepathic and extrasensory abilities that we gain access to as we raise our vibration and our energetic sensibility. We are evolving just as our ancestors did. Just as the Earth does.

Our Universe is also in a state of constant change and evolution. It is growing, expanding, collapsing, growing, contracting – it is just like ocean waves rolling in and out of a shore. We too expand and contract. We have times of great love, openness, bliss and connection. Times when life is a joy, where we see the beauty all around us, have tears of gratitude and thank God for being alive. It matters not what you call God – the Universe, the Creator, All That IS. It matters not whether you believe in him/her, your higher self or not. You are part of the whole and it works whether you believe or not. It just is.

In this section of the website/blog we share stories of how the Universe works, of the evolutionary journey, of our peak experiences – our times of great light and expansion. These times are wonderful, they nurture our soul and feed us deeply. They unfortunately don’t last, just as night follows day, there will be times of darkness, times of feeling disconnected and lost, times of questioning yourself, God and the purpose of life – times of the dark night of the soul. These are the periods of deepest pain and growth in our life. These times of challenge force us to look within. They force us to slow down and pay attention. They narrow our focus to what is truly important.

We curse them, feeling it is unfair or simply unwanted. We didn’t want the illness, the accident, the loss of a loved one or a job, partner, home. We were quite happy going along in life till disaster struck. But these periods of change, sudden change, are actually an evolutionary gift, a stage of growth as you are now ready to move to the next level of love and light. Out of the dark cave we climb to find a magnificent view at the top of the cliff. Many leaps of faith are needed during these times and that too is their purpose – to help us loosen the stronghold of our minds and surrender to God / a higher power to help us, we enter our hearts and learn how to live from that space. As we emerge our heart and mind work together, no longer fighting each other. Our actions and emotions work in harmony and we live life in alignment with all of who we are.

The Earth also undergoes the evolutionary, alchemical process. She processes the stuck energy, the pollution and other detriments that result from us. Natural disasters are Mother Earth’s way of releasing this energy. They are her emotional release mechanism. Just as a toddler may throw a tantrum or cry torrents of tears, Mother Earth will have tornadoes, floods and volcanic eruptions. These balance the energy back up. After such releases there is more calm and peace within our beings. It is the same for the planet which mirrors us. As we heal our self, we shift the collective consciousness and we shift the energetic vibration of the planet.  We are truly interconnected and supported as we go through this evolutionary journey together.

Channeled by Jodi-Anne (25 May 2013).
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