Healing addictions

Addiction has a lot more to do with social isolation and unhappiness than it has to do with the addictive nature of the substance used. Addiction is often the result of childhood trauma and is used as a way to cope with emotional pain.

Healing addiction involves healing the emotional pain and disconnection so that the person has a strong connection with their authentic self, their body and with a supportive community around them.

Read the below articles and watch the videos to learn more about how to help yourself or your loved one who suffers from addiction.

Understanding addiction

Gabor Mate – What is addiction? (3:25 mins)
Gabor Mate – The power of addiction and the addiction of power (18:47 mins)
Gabor Mate – How childhood trauma leads to addiction (9:09 mins)
Russell Brand – testimony at government drug reform hearing calling for more compassionate approach to addiction healing (29:02 mins)
Johann Harri – Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong (14:43 mins)

Articles on addiction & healing