Healing fear & anxiety

Anxiety occurs when we are feeling overwhelmed and frightened by all that is happening within and around us. It is part of the reaction occurring within our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). There is a lot we can do to calm our body and nervous system so that we come out of fight, flight, and freeze, and back into a more peaceful state.

Jodi-Anne Smith – How do you free yourself from fear? (23:12 mins) Text version
Jodi-Anne Smith – Stress & its impact on our body – how TRE helps (8:45 mins) – explains how stress, tension and trauma gets stored in our body when we’re overwhelmed, can’t run or fight back. This leads our nervous system to stay in an activated, hyperalert state resulting in anxiety. If we experience traumatic situations such as child abuse, surgery, domestic violence or car accidents the body interprets these as life-threatening and will go into freeze. If not helped to come out of it we can go into depression and a form of shutting down. TRE can help us complete the trauma activations so that we can move out of freeze, fight and flight, regaining a sense of safety in the body that enables us to more joyfully interact with others.
Jodi-Anne Smith – Why do we fear rejection so much? (5:07 mins) Text version
Dr David Berceli – Shake and relieve anxiety? (8:49 mins) – explains how stress and tension in the body result in anxious thoughts as the body interprets tension as a lack of safety and sends danger signals to the brain that then scans for danger and stays hyperalert even if there is no actual external danger. If you release the tension in the body through TRE (or other methods) the body feels safer, the danger signals reduce, so the mind relaxes and isn’t as anxious.
Star Groups – Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (5:02 mins) – explains the fight, flight and freeze mechanism, how stress and tension build in our body, the impacts of this on our health and how TRE helps to reduce this.