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Loving a situation into peace

When feeling blue it is tempting to look for something to fix and change, to push the low feelings away. However, that doesn’t work – it’s a form of rejecting ourselves and our feelings – which just makes us feel worse. Instead we need to sit with and feel our feelings, then they will shift. This is the advice my higher self gave me on how to love a situation into peace (5 Nov 2014).

Life will always have its ups and downs. You are learning not to let them get you off centre and if they do to balance up quickly. No need for fix-it mode. It is a normal reaction to be upset to challenging situations – just honour your feelings and body’s needs and turn your thoughts positively as soon as you can. You exhaust yourself by pushing to heal, by judging your reaction as not okay and desiring joyous feelings straight away. Instead of fighting / changing what is – love it, love it into peace. That will nourish you, instead of exhaust you.

Peaceful-Radio-slider-1How do I love a situation into peace?

Accept it. Acknowledge it as a part of your evolutionary growth, leading you somewhere higher/brighter. It is helping you evolve, clearing out residue. Accept the stuckness or low feelings and trust it will alter when it is meant to. Ask your higher self and the Angels to assist you in finding balance within. Breathe in coloured light, talk to your sub-personalities – comfort yourself / selves. Send love to your heart and mind.

Do these things to honour yourself, comfort yourself – not to fix / change. It is about loving what is, knowing it will change in time. It is a receiving / accepting process, not an active / forceful process.

Conscious Evolution Relationships

What constitutes a healthy relationship?

healthy-relationships-300x300A healthy relationship is one in which both parties attain greater wisdom and self awareness. This occurs through using all situations to reflect on their conditioning and subconscious beliefs. The beloved is a mirror to your consciousness showing you your areas for growth and insight. Each triggers the other to provide them with the opportunity to heal and grow together towards the light and God-likeness.

It is a dance of growth, a sharing, a connected togetherness. It is not a clingy we, but a grander version of you and I. Together they dance and sing through life helping each other to grow. They share their insights, their feelings and dreams. They share their inner most thoughts and have no fear of rejection as they know the other does the same, and together they look after each others vulnerability. You hold my hand and I hold yours. I choose to be here for you and you choose to be here for me too.

It is a mutual reciprocity of love and acceptance. They see each others potential for growth and improvement, but rather than judge harshly, they love who the person is now and see them expanding/evolving into their authentic self. They love the person fully which enables the other to feel safe enough to be themselves. They let their defenses down and can be in touch with their heart, their true authentic self and become that in the world.

It is an honoring of two souls who have come together to share and learn. There may be challenges, but they are seen as an opportunity for reflection and growth, to get to know the inner workings of each other at a new level.

These relationships are common, not rare. However they are often overlooked as too easy or simple. We have been conditioned as human beings to look for Mr Right / Mrs Right, the perfect one to meet all our needs and rescue us from our life. Prince Charming and Cinderella type stories. But this is not love, this is not real life. For that type of rescuing does not help you grow. It is an unhealthy relationship where the Prince is a pseudo-parent figure taking responsibility and the damsel in distress stays a weak, dependent child. That is not an example of a healthy relationship.

A better example would be Hansel and Gretel who are not needy, but co-exist, they live together and grow together day by day. I hear you all shouting but they are brother and sister. Yes, these relationships that support growth can be siblings or friends. It doesn’t have to be just romantic partnerships. Let go of the fantasy of romance. It is fine as a concept, but know that it fades, know that as you get to know your partner you will see things you don’t like. It is meant to be that way. The honeymoon phase of the relationship has to end for the true inner work to happen.

When you are pushing each others buttons that is when insight can occur. You can reflect on when else in life have you felt that same way. You may realise your parents treated you in a similar manner and you adopted a belief about yourself as a result. If you no longer want to attract that same kind of treatment change your belief about yourself and what you will attract will change. Learn to set boundaries and speak your truth about how you do want to be treated and make sure you are treating yourself that way. Do you really love and respect yourself? Do you meet your own emotional needs? Do you take care of yourself well? If you don’t it is madness to expect someone else will.

healthy-relationships-300x203A healthy relationship is one where each party takes responsibility for healing their own issues and meet together in wholeness. They don’t judge or project their stuff onto each other. Instead they share what they have learned and give thanks for the support they give to each other. They thank God for their lives and the chance to evolve and grow. They stay open to change knowing life will guide them forward to higher and higher levels of growth and service to the whole.

They are interdependent, capable of being on their own, but choosing to be together. There is no neediness or dependency, and if a time comes when one decides to go their separate ways, they celebrate what they have shared and walk away without regrets. They know each will find the next person they are to learn and grow with when the time is right. There are no guaranteed commitments for life. Couples stay together while they have more to learn from each other. When the learning is done they may go their separate ways. There is no fear of this, just trust and love.

For a healthy person knows they will always be connected energetically to their loved ones no matter how far they roam and it is their connection with them self and God that really counts. Those are the true, permanent commitments and they are the only ones you need. Blessed BE. Amen.

By Jodi-Anne (18 June 2015).

Further free guidance on healing techniques and self love are available on the Life Insights and Healing from child abuse pages of this website.
Conscious Evolution

The difference between our higher self and our soul

I asked my higher self what the difference was between it and my soul. This is what I channeled (7 Aug 2014).


Your soul is your larger existence, the consciousness that is evolving and is at a certain stage of awakening based on all of your life experiences. I, the higher self, am the awakened one, the aware one, the part of you that still knows God. Your soul is the sum total of all the jigsaw pieces you have collected (so to speak) and I am the whole completed puzzle.

You become me as you become all that is. I am the completed one, the bigger picture guiding you forth. Your soul is the sum total so far, it has wounds to heal from past lives, gifts to uncover from them too, much to learn and integrate. I hope this is sufficiently clear for you to understand.

Yes, thank you. And talking to my soul is different to this?

Yes very different. You need to tune into your soul and connect with it to get its messages. You can write them like this just be clear in your intent. Amen.

My soul?

Yes, I do want to talk to you. I’m scared by your progress. I still fear going too fast, too much too quickly. I’d rather hide and avoid the truth. Each lifetime you clear some of this and open up further, become more willing to live in God’s light and soul. Me i’m still hesitant.


Because it is emotionally painful going through the lessons. I know it is a game and not really real, but it still hurts. I’m tired from it all. I’d rather not play, but you push forth each time determined to progress quickly and enhance your status, which doesn’t even exist. It is all silly, very silly. I’d rather just BE.

What can I do to make it easier for you?

Fly home occasionally to the temple of light and be recharged. John of God will help a lot, connecting you with Source more. No need to second guess these messages. TRUST. It is all okay. It is me you are evolving. Your higher self knows all is okay. I’m the one who doesn’t know it fully / completely. Be with me. Look after me. Send love and light to me. I need it too. Thank you for listening.

[Note: Jodi-Anne attended the John of God event in Sydney 2014 and received multiple healings that enabled her to let go of much of her fear and open up to sharing these messages with humanity. While still hesitant she is ready to move forward and has done so continuously. She purchased a John of God crystal light bed which helps a person to release their baggage and awaken to their true self. She uses this regularly and soon will open it up for clients to use as well.]

Self help techniques

When you don’t know what to do…… do this

My higher self gave me this advice on what to do when I don’t know what to do…(22 Sept 2014).

When you don’t know what to do – ask God – instead of going into fear, panic, control.

  • Breathe deeply deep-breath1
  • Surrender the situation to God
  • Ask for help from the Angels
  • Listen for answers
  • Act – based from the heart, what would love do now?
  • Invite in colours, solar light to assist. Surround the scene and all involved with love and light
  • Talk heart to heart with their souls
  • Be at peace – mirror peace to others, so they too can find that space / vibration
  • Send love to those parts of you that feel nervous. Reassure them that they are safe and okay. Invite Angels to hold their hands, help them heal, go play
Conscious Evolution

The lessons I have learned from my life’s challenges

lakeRick Warren provides a list of questions to reflect on p292 in his book ‘The purpose driven life’. I asked my higher self to answer them. This is what I channeled (11 Mar 2015).

What has God taught me from failure?

  • Not to be egoic, that you are not superior to others
  • That intellectual achievements do not bring happiness
  • That hiding in your mind is depressing and unfulfilling
  • That connection with others is what matters most
  • That you always have enough. God brings work when it is needed. Surrender to his plan, rather than your own. Let go of goals, plans, dreams that are ego based and live from the heart for God and humanity and the Earth.

What has God taught me from a lack of money?

  • That more always comes
  • That success is not determined by wealth
  • To be humble
  • To feel my pain, not hide in work
  • To love everyone – not just the successful. Be proud of all, not judgmental, for everyone has their challenges.

What has God taught me from pain, sorrow, depression?

  • That I can survive and heal
  • That it is challenging to resolve and takes time
  • That all people go through it in some way in their lifetime
  • To smile despite it, to overcome it, to enjoy life
  • Not to compare with other people’s journeys or judge people’s actions. You don’t know their pain that leads their actions. Forgive those who hurt you, for they only hurt others due to their own pain, defenses, inability to feel and connect from the heart.
  • To pray for help and fall to my knees asking for God’s help – to let God in, believe he exists, to seek him and believe in his ability to solve all situations
  • To be patient and accept life happens in God’s timing not mine, that his will matters more than my own.
  • To love each other no matter what.

What has God taught me through waiting?

  • Patience – I haven’t learned it fully yet!
  • To be in the moment and trust God, to live each day as my last and have fun, honor each other and be of service in whatever ways I can be
  • To know I am given what I need, not necessarily what I want
  • To look at what I want and question why and what for it is wanted, to let go of the want and trust God to bring what is best for me – flow with what is, accept what is.
  • Choose peace not frustration. Don’t fight what is. It’s pointless and makes you miserable.
  • Celebrate with gratitude what you have and what will come. Love it all, the highs and the lows, seeing that it all helps in your evolution and growth. It is all part of God’s plan for you and he knows best. Even though we resist this notion it is the truth. God’s truth. Surrender and BE.

What has God taught me through illness?

  • How much I love my parents and don’t want to see them suffer
  • How sad I would be to lose those I love, even though I don’t let them very close or spend time with them
  • To pray to God for their health to return, to love them and not try to fix them, to offer assistance, but accept their right to refuse it. To let go of judgments of people’s life choices and accept them and their choices. To respect their right to live the way they are.
  • To accept sometimes people’s pain is so deep they can’t see a way through it or face their demons. Send them love. There but for the grace of God go I. There but for the grace of God go I. We all play out all scenarios in different life times and each goes through it, so be kind and loving to all.
  • Without challenge we wouldn’t know triumph. Without pain we wouldn’t know joy and freedom. Without cold we wouldn’t know warm or hot. Without pain and loss, we wouldn’t appreciate or value what we have. It all serves a purpose. Great loss, great tragedy helps us stop, pause, reflect on our life and release the emotions buried within. It creates opportunity for significant change, reevaluation of how we live life. It serves a purpose. It brings people together. It gets people talking and reconnecting. It unites us in our grief for a lost one. It serves a purpose.
  • Accept life’s tragedies as stepping stones to greatness and know it is all perfect in the eyes of God and for your evolutionary growth. Nothing is wasted or inconsequential. It all has meaning. Amen.

What has God taught me through disappointment?

  • Not to give up. To trust. To persevere. To carry on. To choose joy anyway. To let go of control and surrender to what is. To live in the moment and not try to force my will to manifest, my desires, to surrender to God’s will and accept that.
  • To let go of the past and pain. To see how it poisons the present and future if you hold onto your baggage.
  • To see the pointlessness of being disappointed and resentful. Forgive everyone for all they do, so you have peace and happiness. Value peace and happiness above all else. Choose peace in all circumstances. Yes, be passionate about your chosen course, but do so with a peaceful and loving attitude. No fighting against. Just loving, educating, supporting and nurturing change. Joyfully uniting for a cause, to spread love and wisdom.

What have I learned from my family, church, relationship, small group, critics?

  • To forgive them and accept them
  • To understand each has their version of the truth and story to tell. Each has a unique journey.
  • To stop rescuing, judging, trying to fix or change anyone
  • To love them as they are and let them in. That it is a cold, lonely life when you isolate yourself so much from others as protection
  • Allow people close, see their light, let people love you.
  • Most people, if not all, are not trying to hurt you. It is your own projections onto them that lead to fear. Yes, set boundaries where needed and speak your truth about how you want to be treated, but accept people as they are. Don’t lose sleep, your joy over others choices and actions. You can’t control them and they can’t control you. So let go of the fight, the conflict, the pain and choose peace. Work together for good, for harmony, for love.
  • Life is not black and white. Churches aren’t all good and Christians aren’t all loving. Some are, some aren’t. Same as all of life. Each is at a different level of consciousness and growth. God does live there. Jesus is real and present when called upon, but you don’t have to be in a church building to do so. Gather with like minded souls and celebrate life. Celebrate in whatever form feels right to you. No right or wrong. Just love. Amen.
Conscious Evolution

Wisdom from Jim Carrey

This is a wonderful video of a speech Jim Carrey gave at a University graduation ceremony. He explains the challenges the ego presents us with fear, with feeling not good enough, etc and explains how he overcame these to live from the heart and allow himself to shine. He shares how he sees his purpose in life as being to help people to be freed from their cares – through his humor – he helps people relax and enjoy life. He sees his work as a higher purpose or calling and he encourages us all to find the way to be of service doing something we love. He explains abundance and the law of attraction as well as many other spiritual / consciousness concepts. Worth watching all the way to the end. Bless him for this and the University for being open to such a profound conversation occurring within it. Enjoy!

Jim Carrey

Conscious Evolution

Learning from your life experiences – career

pathEver wonder why things happen the way they do, what it was you were meant to learn from certain experiences. I asked my higher self what it was I was meant to learn from my career experiences. This is what I channeled (04 Jan 2015).

You learned what you valued and cared about. You learned you don’t like sitting in an office all day. You don’t like doing boring repetitive tasks. You learned you like to be part of a team of people committed to what they are doing and making the world a better place. You learned you don’t like organisational politics or egoic competition. You learned that you enjoy success, but success means making a difference, helping to improve people’s lives or the state of the planet.

You learned enjoyment of life, free time is more important than money and possessions. You learned that working all the time led to drudgery and that balance is needed. You learned freedom and choice is important to you and routine is stifling. You learned it is okay to want less, work less and have balance, time for friends and family and self reflection. You learned spiritual pursuits are the most important aspect of life for you and that time in nature soothes your soul.

You learned that politics deadens life at work, that people don’t enjoy their work very much or often and that most people wouldn’t do their current jobs if they had the choice and didn’t need the money. Few work because they love or enjoy it. XXXXX was a role model for you – he loves what he does and does it well. He succeeds and he does play the politics game a little. He was immoral in some ways which you judged but that just showed you that you prefer to be honest no matter what. You love interacting with people in healthy ways and don’t like lies, games, politics, deceit or any form of corruption. You learned ethics is important to you as is people ‘walking their talk’, genuineness and honesty.

Through all the disappointments you learned a lot about yourself and your current work place teaches you further. You learn that yes you like to be of service, to be traveling around throughout the day. You prefer to be taking action rather than theorising or having meetings that don’t achieve anything. You prefer action and get bored when you do not have work to do. It shows you that you still hold fear of conflict, of being told off and you still let yourself be intimidated by others. You are learning to step up and take action despite the fear.

You are learning you don’t need to be perfect and work yourself to exhaustion, that it is okay to relax and enjoy your work, to get to know your colleagues and spend time interacting with them. You are learning to let go of petty annoyances and not judge the choices others make. You are learning to forgive and choose peace, no matter the situation. You are learning to expect things to go well and to be easy – to not psych yourself out about learning new things or feel you can’t do it / overwhelmed by it.

You are learning to see it is all perfect and helping you evolve and grow, to awaken from your gloom and false thinking, to see with clarity the many gifts you have been given. Your career has helped you to understand what you stand for and care about. It has helped you a lot. See this. Appreciate it. Let go of the disappointment and resentments and see the gifts that have resulted. Blessed BE.

Conscious Evolution Sustainability

Conscious evolution – the process of our awakening on Earth.

cuddle earthI gave a talk at a Unite the Light event in 2013. This was the handout I channeled (5 July 2013).

This earthly plane is one of deep challenges – deep highs and lows so that you can learn and evolve just as Mother Earth and her creatures do. You all do. We all evolve and grow into the perfection of selfless love, peace and joy at connecting with our true self, our God given self – the creator within us.

It is time for humanity to wake up to this gift of life on Earth – its highs and lows – to see the opportunity for soul growth that it presents. It is time to see the blessings with all events, the lessons you are to learn, the peace of forgiveness and letting God lead your life. It is time to flow with what is rather than fight or resist it. It is time to trust and surrender, not cling or hold onto that which you judge dear. Trust that whatever leaves your life leaves for a reason and that something wondrous will enter in time.

Life on Earth is not a bed of roses. How boring that would be! We have a place for that, a place in another dimension where all beings live harmoniously in connection to all that is. Earth is different. Earth is a place of duality and as such you are meant to feel highs and lows, to experience what it means to be happy and sad, to feel love and betrayal, to feel ecstasy and loss. If the dark did not exist you could not know the light. This is the purpose of life on Earth to feel, to learn the opposites, to be in density – physical and emotional, and find your way through. That is what you are doing. That is why you experience what you do.

It is not punishment or bad luck. It is not karma in the sense most think of it as. It is your choice. You chose to come and learn certain lessons or master certain situations. How could you learn how to forgive if no one hurt you? How could you learn peace unless you experienced war or deep fear? These opposites exist to help you and those souls that join with you on Earth are serving you. Helping you to evolve and grow. Those that hurt you are truly serving you. They love you. At the soul level you and they are one. We all are. There is not but I. There is not but God. All is God, Creator, Universe. It matters not what you call it.

God does not judge. He/She only loves. Loves all beings, all creations, all experiences. You have these experiences to learn and grow. You cannot offend God with your actions. You can only harm yourself with your own judgments and painful thinking. God just loves you. God knows that you are experiencing what you need for your evolution. Your needs not necessarily wants. You get what is needed to advance your soul’s growth and development, to become the master you came here to be.

Do not judge each other. Do not think one soul is more advanced than another. All are on the same path, learning the same lessons. Each has their areas of weakness to master and that is why they’re here. No realised being is on Earth in a physical body. All are here to learn and grow. Some who hold the lowliest positions have the most light. Success in not what you think it is. Success is inner peace. Success is inner joy. Success is love, surrender and trusting what comes. Success is the ability to BE and bless all who come your way, to live in harmony on Earth as we do in Heaven.

Heaven is not a place as such but a state of being, a dimensional space that overlaps with the physical plane. It is here. You just can’t see it or feel it till you reach the vibration of it. That is what we’re evolving to. That is what we’re to become – beings of light and love. Those here are way-showers, are leaders of the light, opening to these concepts prior to the masses. You are the ones chosen to blaze the trail for others to follow. Many of you chose very challenging life experiences to master so that you could relate to others from a place of experience and resolution of those challenges. You are brave souls with big hearts who have come to serve humanity. You are here to light the way, to hold strong in the face of adversity and speak to the hearts of all men, of all beings, to reconnect to love and light.

Mother Earth supports you in this journey. Mother Earth is the vehicle for growth. She adjusts and changes as you change. The energies of humans affect her deeply, but she adjusts as needed. Natural disasters are simply the Mother’s way of releasing built up tension and energy blockages. This energy is released in volcanic explosions, tidal waves, earth quakes, hurricanes and fires. These balance the energy back up. Mother Earth does what she needs to do to survive. Yes our actions affect her but she will live on. We may not. If we damage her too much, she may need to expel us in order to survive. It is we who are endangered not her. It is us who hurt ourselves by living unsustainably and being disconnected from our hearts. It is us who will suffer the consequences of our deeds.

This is why it is so important for us to reconnect to our hearts, our intuition, our guidance systems – to hear, see and feel the messages of truth, of what we need to do to be of service to the whole, of what we are here to do. It is for one purpose and one purpose only that we are here – to perform a role that no other can perform. We each have a destined role to play that no one else can do as they haven’t had our past lives or our own unique gifts and wisdom to share. Life leads us towards that. Life reveals it to us when the time is right.

Mine is to channel the messages of my heart, to share my experiences and my discoveries of healing and acceptance of God, life, the way the Universe works. I know I only know a fraction of the truth. My insights are likely flawed for no one on Earth can know all things. But we learn some and can access guidance for others. It is this that I came to share and I thank you for listening this evening. I hope my sharing has given you food for thought about life, our process of growth and the next stages you face on your path. Blessed BE everyone. Thank you for this opportunity. It is with love, humility and gratitude I thank you for shining your light for all to see. Amen.


Focus on what is right in your life, not on what is wrong

My higher self gave me this simple but important advice (19 Nov 2014).

When you fall into a low mood wondering if it is all worth it, it is because you are focused on what is wrong with the world and your life, instead of focusing on what is right and possible. You are getting better at focusing on what you want, on believing it is possible, on enjoying life regardless of the situation.

Self help techniques

Meditation affects your genes

meditation study shows change to genes.