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Why is it useful to spend time in nature?

It is our emotional reactions to events in our life that create the suffering. If we just flow with life, accepting what occurs and adjusting to it as need be, we wouldn’t suffer as much.

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The evolution of consciousness

This is a great video focused on all the topics I love! Rob Williams who created it describes it as ‘The world is in crisis and transformation. Now, our civilization has the opportunity to evolve it’s thinking. We are beginning to realize that the old ways of competition and “survival of the fittest” are not […]

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Wisdom from Amma – poems about our relationship with nature

“Human beings are not different from Nature, we are part of Nature. Our very existence on earth depends upon Nature. In truth it is not we who protect Nature but Nature who protects us”. p26 “Without Nature no creature, no human being, nothing would exist. Thus it is our responsibility to lovingly care for every […]