What is the pull to evolve?

as above so belowThe pull to evolve is the desire to vibrate at the rate of Source Energy. Being stuck in painful emotions keeps you at a lower vibration. This is not your natural vibratory state and the tension between the two is like a stretched rubber band pulling your vibration back up to its natural state.

The urge to grow, heal and find peace is simply the urge to reunite with Source Energy. We all know subconsciously that our natural state is one of peace and it is only life’s dramas that pull us out of it. The urge to evolve is to escape that drama and come back to centre, to peace. It is homeostasis of our vibration – our set-point – that the body tries to regulate itself to.

We take ourselves further and further away from it when we are focused in our heads rushing about and busy. When in that state we don’t notice nature and its stillness, its peace. We are moving too frantically. Ironically moving so fast in an attempt to have time at the end of the day to relax and be at peace, to unwind and be still. We could be that all the time if we chose a less hectic lifestyle, if we focused more on our hearts and our connection with self, Source/God/Universe/Whatever. When we feel that connection we feel at ease. Like when you have spent days in nature – you automatically slow down and feel peaceful. This is how nature helps us heal. It slows us down and raises our vibration. Sitting in nature allows density to drop away and vibration to raise.

So the urge to evolve is simply the body-mind trying to recapture its natural state of peace and bliss. When you do connect in at that higher level your mind is quiet enough that you can access guidance from your soul or higher self – the parts of you that are vibrating at a higher level and they guide you as to actions you can take to align yourself with Source. Each person has a different destiny, a different activity or purpose for their life.

What may be peaceful to one person may be boring or hard to another. We each have to find what it is that makes our heart sing, the activity that when we do it time flies by and we don’t even notice it passing. That is a sign of deep immersion or connection with Source. So each person’s path is different based on their joys, their passions, their ideas. It will vary lifetime to lifetime based on what the soul is focused on learning or completing. There is no God up there directing the show as such. It is just Source Energy evolving through us, reaching towards completion and that occurs when we manage to vibrate at that higher level and match Source Energy as much as we can. It takes many lifetimes to achieve and that is the evolutionary process, that is what is occurring and why so many people are drawn to esoteric studies, to personal growth and spirituality.

They know there is something more to life than the mundane rat race. They know they could feel a lot better than they do. They know they could enjoy life more than they have. This is the evolutionary pulse pulling everyone forward. It is like clock work, all proceeding at the right time and space as was designed prior to incarnation. It is all set ready to be played out. Therefore you can not mess it up or miss out on anything you were meant to experience. So relax and let life lead you to where you need to go. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to figure it all out. Relax, trust, quieten your mind and listen to your intuition and your heart. Hear its messages and take actions that you feel guided to take and which bring you greater joy. Life is about joy. We forget that. We forget how to play and enjoy life. As kids we know it is important and just do it. As adults we have been taught to be more serious, responsible and deadened – energetically we are deadened when we do not follow our heart, our aliveness, our joy and passion.

So let your heart open, let your vibration rise and have fun in life. That is how it is meant to be. God/Source will pull you forward to become all you are meant to be. The jobs, people, etc will appear at the right time and place. You will be guided to them. Trust. All is taken care of. All is organised. You just haven’t realised it. So enjoy it – all the good and the bad – and allow life to lead you forward, to help you raise your vibration and evolve to Source Consciousness, then your lifetime is complete. Not everyone will reach it this lifetime. It depends on what each person is here to learn.They may learn those lessons then leave, returning at a later date to continue their evolution towards Source Consciousness.

We are all walking the same path. There is no higher or lower beings. It is just a scale of consciousness and all people will complete the scale at some point. It is our destiny. It is the evolution of consciousness within our species. It is life on Earth. Blessed BE. Amen.

By Jodi-Anne (23 June 2015).
Further free guidance on healing techniques and self love are available on the Life Insights and Healing from child abuse pages of this website.

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