Where does Jesus fit into all of this?

jesus, buddha, krishnaJesus is one of many beings who completed his evolution to Source Energy or God-Realisation. He learned all of the lessons and completed the path to love, peace, Godliness. He mastered the lower emotions and darker densities. He forgave. He didn’t take actions of others personally. He didn’t seek revenge. He loved all. He was a role model of God in-action or Source Energy fully expressed.

Jesus is a role model for all to learn from, an example of how one with an open heart behaves. He shows us how to do so – to open our hearts through prayer and meditation, through contemplation in nature, through faith and trust.

There are many such role models who have ascended, completed their lifetimes on Earth. Many choose to stay a separated aspect of God so they can serve others, assisting humanity with their awakening. You refer to them as Guides, Angels and Archangels. Some have lived on Earth. Some haven’t. It matters not. What matters is there pure intent to serve and assist others in their awakening process.

God loves, cares and wants all his beings to be happy. It is not fantasy. It is fact. The natural state of all energy and therefore all beings is that of peace. We lose that when we incarnate on Earth and experience life’s challenges. God is there waiting / watching / helping us find our way back to the light and love of peace, of high vibration, of Source Energy or Godliness.

There is no mystery or contradiction here. God is not a person/being in the clouds. It is an energy, a vibration from which we are born and into which we return. We just choose to experience duality on Earth so that we can know what it feels like to experience different aspects of life. In spirit form we have no sense of up / down, high / low, happy / pain – as it is all just one, one energy, one wholeness, completeness. Souls choose to incarnate on Earth to experience these states, to learn and evolve into wholeness, the oneness of God / Source Energy.

It is hard for you humans to understand all of this. Your minds fight against it / fear it. The ego likes to think it is in charge and to accept the larger picture shows the ego is not in charge, not important and in fact that the mind and ego conditioning actually hinders you, slows you down from reaching Source Vibrations. Hence, the mind and ego resist acknowledging this truth and would prefer you just focused on day to day life. Then the ego would be in control and not threatened by the higher forces at play in the Universe.

The ego tries to keep you asleep as long as it can. It fuels fear, mistrust, doubt and shame. It uses these tactics to keep you away from the truth, which is that you are whole and perfect as you are There is no need for fixing or healing anything. You were born whole. It is just your judgements, unexpressed emotions and conditioning that needs to drop away, so that you can see your perfection, see that you are loved, cared for and complete.

Each awakens to this truth at the right time for that soul, then the evolutionary impulse drives you forward to completion of your life’s purpose and journey. The ego cannot stop you once you have realised your power, your connection with Source Energy / God. That connection is stronger than any trick the ego can use to distract you, make you feel small or unworthy. Because once you are connected to God in your heart you know you are worthy, you are loved and you are okay. There is nothing you need to do or be to earn God’s love. You are loved regardless of what you do or think. He/She simply waits for you to awaken to this knowing and then you can tune into the frequency of God, of Source Energy, of divine love and bliss. Your true state of being. Your home within.

Jesus, like Buddha, Krishna and many others was and is a role model for humanity to follow or use as a guide in their evolution to Godliness. They are beings who came before us to lead the way. In spirit they continue to help humanity and can be called on for advice.

In essence we are all one, all born of God, just discrete aspects that get to separate and evolve back into wholeness of God. There is not but God. It is all from the same energy. So no need for fighting over whose leader is best or whose version of religious doctrine is accurate. It is all just different stories of the same process described in the language of that time that resonated to that group of people. Same story, different tellings of it to suit those who listen.

Many people share these truths. Different segments of society will be drawn to different authors. Find the version which feels right to you, that resonates as truth and read that. Take it into your heart and reflect on it, listen for your inner guidance, your insight in relation to the information. The more you do this, the more you strengthen the connection with your heart and the more you will be able to access your own soul’s wisdom. You truly do have all the answers within, you just have to quieten the mind and strengthen the connection with your heart so you can hear it. Blessed BE. Amen.

Remember there is no need to figure it all out. That is just the mind / ego trying to make sense of it all, so it can feel some sense of control and mastery. Let it go and just BE. Enjoy life trusting that what you need to know will be revealed to you when the time is right. So relax and trust and enjoy your life. Blessed BE. Amen.

By Jodi-Anne (24 June 2015).
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