What is God / Source Energy?

light of godGod is an energy that created all things. It is not a man in the sky or a woman for that matter. It is an energy that pervades all things and is part of it all. It does not judge, condemn or think like we do. It is simply a vibration of love, of wholeness, of completion. In that energy you feel complete and at peace, there is nothing you have to do or prove or become. It is just a state of peace that you relax into when you connect with Source/God.

So many of you have bizarre beliefs around God, but none of them are true. Humans judge. God doesn’t. Humans fear and get angry. God doesn’t. In this sense it is helpful to talk of Source Energy rather than God as people have less baggage around that term or concept.

God is just an energy that is constantly expanding and growing through us and the changes we make in our lives. As we grow and expand so does the energy or God. It is the evolution of consciousness, of life on this planet.

There is no Heaven or Hell other than that which we create for ourselves with our thoughts, our judgments and self depreciation. Source energy just is, it just is love, peace, happiness, etc. It is just a vibration you can tune into or become as you clear out your negative thinking and judgments, as you find peace within yourself by letting go of old emotions and baggage.

Heaven is that vibration of God, love, peace and we can have it now if we clear out the baggage and fear. Peace is our natural state of being. It is how we are born and how we die. Our minds just complicate things in between.

Babies are inherently peaceful, inquisitive and joyful, as they live in the moment and as such they live connected to God/Source Energy. They are in bliss most of the time. Until their thoughts take them out of the moment, their hunger or bodily discomfort takes their attention away from Source and onto the issue that does not feel the same as Source Energy. It is that shift in vibration, in feeling, that they cry about. “Heh, I was feeling great, now I don’t. What happened? What has gone wrong”.

Nothing has gone wrong, they are just experiencing life and the ongoing challenge to stay connected to Source Energy regardless of what you are experiencing. If you can just witness whatever it is that is occurring, from a flat tyre on a car or the death of a loved one, then you can breathe through the emotions, let them flow through you rather than bottle them up, then when the storm has passed you can reconnect with Source Energy quickly and return to your natural state of bliss and peace. It is only your thoughts about the event that drag it out and keep the pain going. If you let thoughts play out such as “Why me? Why does this happen to me? It always …. blah, blah, blah” then you keep yourself stuck in low vibration and painful emotions.

Learn to control your thoughts and witness them. Learn to change them to be more positive and supportive of yourself and others, then your vibration can raise and you can be connected to Source/God/Universe/Whatever more of the time. You are always connected, but when you are in turmoil you don’t feel the connection, the peace, the bliss. But it is always there for you to tap into. It is this underlying energy that is God – an energy force constantly evolving through us and expanding the light in the Universe. Blessed BE. Choose peace in all you do. Amen.

NOTE: I was curious about the wording that God is constantly evolving through us, so I asked a follow up question “Is God evolving through us?” Here is the answer I received.

No, not in the sense that it is wholeness that breaks into discrete parts to feel and heal and become whole again. So it starts whole and returns to wholeness. But all the experiences that you each have does add to the vibrational whole, to the collective consciousness, to the energy surrounding you all, and as that purifies, lifts its’ vibration, it gets easier for all of you to move forward to feel the peace of God, the universal energy which is there and available to all at all times. You just need to be quiet enough and still enough within to feel it and that requires the healing work so you can sit peacefully resting in your heart with a quiet mind and listen within. So God isn’t evolving as such. We are, the energy is evolving back to the wholeness it started from. Blessed BE. Amen.

By Jodi-Anne (23 June 2015).
Further free guidance on healing techniques and self love are available on the Life Insights and Healing from child abuse pages of this website.

17 thoughts on “What is God / Source Energy?

  1. Have come to the same understanding but it was very stormed tossed to reach it.
    And very few people believe in it.
    Its not our thoughts that bring us here but the understanding of who we truly are.
    It like being lifted out of a human life of loves and hates and the rest of all emotions to a higher place were human life is lift behind.
    It is of no issues or anxiety.

    1. Beautifully said Tim. Our beliefs and perceptions change as we change. It’s a constant opening and expansion to see life, God, Universe from a much bigger perspective. Many blessings to you, Jodi-Anne

  2. Well articulated. I have suffered through opioid addiction and been through it all. The only thing that helps me is connection to the Highest Power. Constant thought about God and less on fear, worry,anger, doubt and self pity. When these crop up I immediately ask the Almighty to remove them n direct my attention to the action It wants me to do n ask for the strength to do it. It’s a constant thing just always being aware of my thoughts n feelings n not letting the negative ones dictate my behaviors. It’s a lot I learned from an Anonymous fellowship n existentialism plus logo therapy. But your article really tied all my beliefs togetger into a simplified explanation. Simplified but very clear n to the point; concise AF. I’m grateful for your writing. Your connection with the Supreme was on point when you put this together.
    I pray that you prosper in everything.

    1. Thank you Vladimir my connection with the divine is one of the most important things in my life. It is so nourishing and supportive while we go through our human challenges. I’m so glad you found your connection to Source/God/Universe/Higher Power and it has helped you with your journey. Wishing you a life filled with joy and happiness. Many blessings, Jodi-Anne

    1. Hi Hugo, to me, energy is the everything that is God. It’s just the term used to describe the all that God is. Different people describe it in different ways. It’s fine if you prefer to think of it in a different way. Many blessings to you, Jodi-Anne

  3. After reading this, I’m not sure if I’m a theist, deist or agnostic.

    I believe what I’ve read to be true it’s exactly how I see Source Energy/Spirit and not a bearded man floating on a cloud.

    What is a person called who has this perspective? Please inform me.

    1. Hi Denzel, I don’t have a label for someone with these beliefs. I just share what comes through me and encourage people to take what resonates with them from my blogs and to ignore the rest. Everyone is welcome to believe whatever feels true for them. Best wishes, Jodi-Anne

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