Why do we isolate ourselves?

You isolate yourselves out of fear – fear of rejection mostly. You fear being seen and held accountable for all your sinful actions, however little they are. Most people believe they are bad, wrong, have things to be shameful of. This comes from your childhood conditioning where most of you were constantly told “Don’t do that, you’re a bad little boy or girl, etc.” This constant or common negative feedback leads to an internalisation of thinking that you as a person is bad, as opposed to just your behaviour, which may have been less than desirable.

self_isolation_2014__sergei_tuninIt hurt to feel bad, to feel like you were actually bad or wrong, broken or flawed, so you learned to hide those aspects of yourself and to go within more, to withdraw from life, from showing your whole self and acting spontaneously.

From a young age children learn to guard against unwanted attention and criticism. They carefully choose their words  and how to behave in different situations. Instead of being themselves, they be and do what they think the other person wants them to be. They resent doing this and feel a little fake, but the fear of criticism, rejection and feeling bad about self is so strong that they want to avoid it at all cost.

The result is modified behaviour to fit in, feeling you are not really liked for who you really are, you are not really known and the belief that if someone did see all of you then they would probably reject you. When in fact, the truth is you have rejected you. You stopped showing who you were, because you judged it not good enough, not acceptable and not okay. Others may have fed this, but you took it to heart and rejected yourself.

The rejection leads to the isolation and a lot of loneliness and depression. In a world where so many people live side by side, it amazes us that you don’t connect with each other. You show these false images and put on these false performances, attempting to impress each other and gain approval. You don’t need to do it. You truly don’t.

Just be yourself. Gift yourself with your own approval. It is okay to be you. It truly is. You are all beautiful human beings, who are living their life journey the best they can. You may have made some poor choices along the way, that is okay. No need to regret it or punish yourself. You don’t need to make amends, just learn from it, do better next time. That is how we learn and grow as people. So let yourself off the hook for past deeds. You have punished yourself long enough. Stop.

It doesn’t have to be this way. That self-loathing and judgment is just from the past hurts and pain of your experience. If you release the pain, the buried tension and emotions, then your body will relax and open back up to more loving interactions with yourself and others.

Each time we experience a hurt emotionally it is like we contract. We withdraw our energy within to protect our self. We curl up inside instead of being open and outwardly focused with our energy and life force. We dim it and contain it to protect it, locking ourselves up within. This leads to tight muscles, physical soreness and pain as those parts of our body are clenched, storing that painful emotion and tension within.

To heal we have to release these contractions and tensions, so that our muscles relax and release the stagnant energy. When our body releases this tension it is easier to face life with a positive outlook as we no longer feel under threat. We no longer want to avoid conflict at the cost of not living life. We’ve realised we can cope with whatever comes as we can ‘shake off’ the tension and stress, complete the trauma activations and discharge the emotions. Yes, life may bring us some challenges, but we know how to deal with it, so we no longer need to hide and isolate.

We can use tools like Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) to ‘shake out’ the tension, stress and trauma, so we can face life and live, instead of hiding to protect our self from further pain. With regular use of TRE we realise we can embrace life and live fully instead of hiding and protecting our self to avoid further pain, loss or danger. It is well worth using TRE to heal and build your resilience to face life and live it more fully.

Choose kindness. Choose love. Treat yourself with the tenderness and affection that you long for. Meet your own emotional needs. When you do this your body can relax, your heart can open and you can show more of your true self to the world again. It will feel a bit scary from time to time and you will feel vulnerable, but that is okay. Breathe through it and know whatever happens, you are okay, you are loved and you are enough. You truly are. You don’t need to isolate anymore. None of you do.

rainbow-bridge-in-heartYou are precious children of God. You are loved and perfect as you are. No flaws, no mistakes, no bad eggs. You are all made in his image and all evolving into beings of love and light. What you see as flaws are just the areas yet to mature or evolve into a  place of love and acceptance, of self, others and the planet. It truly can be a planet of peace, but you need to find it within, through self love and acceptance and then it will mirror out into the world.

Peace will come when enough people are living from their hearts and that vibration becomes the dominant force here on Earth. That time is near. Each of you is bringing it closer as you heal and find peace within you. You help the world and others more than you know. It is not selfish to focus on healing and consciousness. You are serving the whole when you do so and we applaud you.

We watch you and cheer in your successes. We stand near and comfort you when you are sad and we keep you safe when you are panicked or angry. We are always here watching you. We are your loved ones, your guides, angels and ascended masters, the great white brotherhood, here to assist humanity with its awakening. Blessed BE, Amen.

By Jodi-Anne (13 June 2016).
Further free guidance on healing techniques and self love are available on the Life Insights and Healing from child abuse pages of this website.

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