What is the point of life?

heartThe point of life is to grow and enjoy yourself in the process, to open up to love and life fully embracing what comes, trusting it is helping you evolve into the healthiest and happiest version of yourself you can be.

Life is not about achievement of money, success, qualifications or possessions. It is about living authentically as yourself with an open heart. Do you stop to help the struggling stranger or do you rush by? Do you notice the beauty of nature and stop to smell the roses and watch the sunset? Do you make the time to connect deeply with those you love? Or does life keep passing you by as you rush from one thing to another? Do you eat as you go focussing more on completing your task, rather than nourishing your body? Do you even notice your body and its messages, the signs it gives you asking you to rest, slow down or have fun? Do you exercise it and pamper it? Do you show yourself and others love? These are all questions about life and the quality with which you live it.

Life is not meant to be a race with winners and losers. It is not meant to have classes or divisions between its inhabitants – you are all part of nature, all connected, so why fight each other? Do you realise that hurting others actually just hurts yourself? The point of life is to come to a place within yourself where you worship all of life, accepting it all as part of God’s plan and the unfolding, evolving, Universe.

It all happens perfectly. Tragedy invites us to feel deeply, to open our hearts and breathe through any emotional pain. It invites us to connect with others and support each other through it. It helps us evolve into more loving people, more compassionate to others, knowing what it is like to live through heart ache and loss, to have felt vulnerability and pain, to have been humbled by life events which show us how little control we really have. The point of life is live through these situations and embrace it all, the desired and undesired aspects. All of it is life, all of it happens as it needs to and we just respond, hopefully with love and grace, accepting what is. If not we get the chance to practice till we can.

There is no race, no grand prize or destination. The journey along the way is the prize, the enjoyment of heart-centred living is the gift and prize sought after by those who don’t yet know the ecstacy of feeling such peace and bliss in one’s body, the feeling of ease and flow. Everyone has it, but just may not notice it, as they rush through their day, pushing away their feelings and intuition. Many simply don’t listen as they sense it is too hard to change or feel what is inside, but doing so is the point of life. It is what we are here to do.

Don’t accept the unacceptable. A part of you dies inside when you do. It falls away, a part of your wholeness flakes off as you swallow your voice and don’t speak your truth, when you let someone treat you poorly or allow yourself to be walked over. It is time to find the courage to speak up and step up to say what you truly want and feel what you need to feel. It is time to fully be you and shine, that is the point of life and it is very good. It is all very good, so relax and enjoy it, as you grow fully into living from your heart and being authentically you in the world. Blessed BE. Amen.

By Jodi-Anne (17 Oct 2015).

Further free guidance on healing techniques and self love are available on the Life Insights and Healing from child abuse pages of this website.

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