How to find freedom from the past?

Freedom from the past occurs when you are no longer affected by it, when you have processed all the emotions and judgements about it and can accept it peacefully as part of your process of evolution and becoming a light being filled with love and acceptance of all things.

In truth there is nothing wrong or bad, it is all helping you grow and evolve, moving you forth on the evolutionary scale. Those that experience the most traumatic starts to life are brave souls who have come to Earth determined to take a large evolutionary jump – doing in one lifetime what others may do in several.

When you look at the big picture like this, it can help release the ‘sting’ associated wtih painful events. You can look for the gift within them, the learning and skill development. Through the hardest things we learn hsadness-and-joyow strong we can be, we find strength we didn’t know we had. We might reach out to friends or God and allow deeper connection within and without. We may allow our vulnerability to show and surrender to the path. Our ego mind loosens its grip, knowing it can’t control anything. We learn to feel and connect with our hearts and in time to operate from the heart space, living as a being with integrated heart and mind – one who sees duality in the world and accepts it knowing it is just a teaching tool. Without up we wouldn’t know down. Without sadness we wouldn’t know joy or peace. We need the opposites to feel things. Without pain we wouldn’t know how good it feels to be at peace or to be loved. We need the opposite to enable us to grow. So see it from that perspective. It isn’t evil and dangerous. It is just people / souls playing a role you asked them to play to help you experience and grow in a particular way.

Life is like a movie with characters playing the parts required for your advancement. Just because they play the role of violent, addicted man or betraying partner, does not mean that is who they are. It is just one aspect of them, of their totality, and it is the part called forth this lifetime.

Everyone will experience all aspects of life. It is not a kaleidoscope of joyous events, getting happier and fluffier as you go. It is the opposite! As you advance you choose more challenging roles so you can see how far you have grown. You see whether or not you can choose love and peace in the midst of turmoil. You see whether you can be loving and happy, despite what is occurring around you and when people disappoint you or hurt you. You choose life plans that show how far you have come and how far you still have to go. So it is never going to be all roses and cups of tea. Life is meant to challenge you to help you grow, to move forward and evolve.

The thing is, as you evolve more and more, you become more peaceful and heart centred so even very challenging events can be moved through with ease and grace. You simply don’t react to them with judgement or strong emotion. You witness it, look at what is occurring within you, what is coming up to be processed inside, you do it and return to peace and balance. So even the big challenges only knock you off centre for a short time.

wavesofchangeIt is like a large wave on the ocean. It looks daunting when it is coming towards you, but if you just float and allow the wave to wash over you, it passes and you are are left in calm waters. That is what is occurring. You are learning to just ride the waves of life, rather than panic, fear them, fight against them or judge them. You are learning to just look at them, accept them and allow them to pass through. No resistance. No taking it personally or creating drama about it, no feeding the ego or victim mentality, no why me questioning. Just acceptance and flow with what is. Life will keep bringing you challenging events until you can ride the waves smoothly. Once you have mastered it, you no longer need the challenges to occur. Instead of just floating in the water, then you can play, surf, show others how to move from pain to peace and enjoy life.

Nothing is out to get you. Nothing is done to harm you or physically destroy you. It is all helping you evolve and grow. You are not your body or your mind, you are your soul and you will move from this lifetime to the next and experience a different aspect of life to master and grow from. This is just one movie in a library of thousands. As you start to truly understand and see the process unfolding the past does not bother you so much. You become immune to it, in the sense of seeing it as one little speck of dirt on a beautiful piece of furniture. You choose to see the beauty, the whole picture, not focus on the dirt or the little flaw in the wood. You see the magnificence of creation and give thanks for being a part of an expanding, evolving Universe reaching towards harmony and peace for all. You become a Wayshower, a Light Bearer demonstrating the process for others. And in time you may even become thankful for your past and those challenges that helped you grow and become all that you can be. This is freedom from the past. It no longer has a negative emotional charge, it no longer adversely affects you or your life experience. This is freedom from the past and how you achieve it. It is a long process from the perspective of a human wanting to be happy, but it is a quick process from the perspective of an evolving soul that lives for eternity. One lifetime, a 100 years, in amongst eternity. It is a gift to experience tragedy and grow through it. It won’t feel like that at first or for quite some time, but it will eventually feel that way.

May you find peace quickly and enjoy your journey as much as possible. Blessed BE. Amen.

By Jodi-Anne (08 Oct 2015).

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