Learning from your life experiences – career

pathEver wonder why things happen the way they do, what it was you were meant to learn from certain experiences. I asked my higher self what it was I was meant to learn from my career experiences. This is what I channeled (04 Jan 2015).

You learned what you valued and cared about. You learned you don’t like sitting in an office all day. You don’t like doing boring repetitive tasks. You learned you like to be part of a team of people committed to what they are doing and making the world a better place. You learned you don’t like organisational politics or egoic competition. You learned that you enjoy success, but success means making a difference, helping to improve people’s lives or the state of the planet.

You learned enjoyment of life, free time is more important than money and possessions. You learned that working all the time led to drudgery and that balance is needed. You learned freedom and choice is important to you and routine is stifling. You learned it is okay to want less, work less and have balance, time for friends and family and self reflection. You learned spiritual pursuits are the most important aspect of life for you and that time in nature soothes your soul.

You learned that politics deadens life at work, that people don’t enjoy their work very much or often and that most people wouldn’t do their current jobs if they had the choice and didn’t need the money. Few work because they love or enjoy it. XXXXX was a role model for you – he loves what he does and does it well. He succeeds and he does play the politics game a little. He was immoral in some ways which you judged but that just showed you that you prefer to be honest no matter what. You love interacting with people in healthy ways and don’t like lies, games, politics, deceit or any form of corruption. You learned ethics is important to you as is people ‘walking their talk’, genuineness and honesty.

Through all the disappointments you learned a lot about yourself and your current work place teaches you further. You learn that yes you like to be of service, to be traveling around throughout the day. You prefer to be taking action rather than theorising or having meetings that don’t achieve anything. You prefer action and get bored when you do not have work to do. It shows you that you still hold fear of conflict, of being told off and you still let yourself be intimidated by others. You are learning to step up and take action despite the fear.

You are learning you don’t need to be perfect and work yourself to exhaustion, that it is okay to relax and enjoy your work, to get to know your colleagues and spend time interacting with them. You are learning to let go of petty annoyances and not judge the choices others make. You are learning to forgive and choose peace, no matter the situation. You are learning to expect things to go well and to be easy – to not psych yourself out about learning new things or feel you can’t do it / overwhelmed by it.

You are learning to see it is all perfect and helping you evolve and grow, to awaken from your gloom and false thinking, to see with clarity the many gifts you have been given. Your career has helped you to understand what you stand for and care about. It has helped you a lot. See this. Appreciate it. Let go of the disappointment and resentments and see the gifts that have resulted. Blessed BE.

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