Do not despair

This is a message I channeled from my higher self (8 Feb 2015).

Do not despair at the process child. Life is a series of events that challenge our faith and help us to heal and evolve. It is as it is meant to be. Yes sometimes unfair things happen, bad things happen to good people. It is just life and how it works. No one no matter how good will be spared from tragedy and hard work. It is life to work through sadness and other emotions. It is life guiding you forth to seek the light, to love the Lord and God with all your heart. It is life’s journey.

Do not despair. See the growth. See the advancement. See the beauty of nature and allow life to flow like it does in nature. Rest peacefully like the beasts, trusting nature/God to provide all that is needed. Blessed BE. Choose peace and enjoy life despite the challenges. Be kind and loving and happy with what you have. Trust it is all happening as it needs to. Blessed BE. Amen.

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