What is the most useful response to terror, to world events?

What is the most useful response to terror, to world events? I asked this question of my higher self and this is what I channeled (25 Jan 2015).

Child it benefits no one for you to allow it to terrorize you, shock you and numb you. It benefits no one to fight against it and allow poisonous, toxic, and negative thoughts to fill your mind. Rage and terror harm the body. Be spurred into action if you feel pulled to do so, but do it from love, kindness, peace and a desire to see that spread further and further a field.

Visualize calm, tranquil energy flooding war torn areas and blanketing all with a snow of love and peace and in time it will come about. See stillness creating space for people to feel their hearts, to question their actions and motives, to awaken and evolve to loving actions, God-like actions. Each soul does this in turn, in their divine timing.

Each soul needs their life challenges in order to have the opportunity to use their free will and say ‘No more!’, to choose differently, to not be oppressed or oppressive. Each needs their chance to choose faith in God and letting go of fear or ego control. Each needs life circumstances that brings them to their knees, to call out to God and let God in.

Each needs to learn they can’t do it alone, so that they learn to call his name and welcome God into their hearts. Each needs the suffering to break free of and to appreciate the light and joy once it is anchored into their flesh.

Each needs their synchronicities and miracles to convince them there is more to life than we see. It is all part of the plan. So do not despair. Do not fight. Do not give up. Just see the light. See the bigger picture and celebrate the freedom to chose how you look at every situation.

See it is all good and all part of God’s plan. Yes send love and light. Yes speak up if you wish and take action, but do it from a place of peace, a place of knowing it is all okay, all part of the dance of life.

No need to try and convert anyone, to convince anyone of anything. Let them awaken in their own time, as will you. You can show people choices, educate them on options if they ask, but don’t force or try to change them because people resist being told, manipulated, shamed. It just makes them dig in further to their current beliefs. Send love and accept it is okay that they choose differently to you at this time.

Jesus loved all sinners and saints. He helped all to awaken to love. He did not judge those that did not know what they do. He declared his love for God and respect for life and he led by example. Do the same.

Be an example of what you believe, of what you would like the world to become. Be of peace and love yourself and let that flow out into the world. Let love and light be the legacy you leave behind. Let love and light be all you see and do. Then there is no war in your body or your world. If enough people do this there will be no war ever.

Let the light spread brightly across the globe – your inner world and outer world. All is as it is meant to be. Trust. Set yourself free and worry not. No need for fuss or tears. Be free of it. No need to convince anyone else of this approach as valid, right or acceptable. Each has to find their own way in the world. Blessed BE. Amen.

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