Jodi-Anne happily living in peace!

Happiness is an inside job!
Happiness is an inside job!

Jodi-Anne started her life full of pain, disappointment and shame. She felt unloved and unwanted by her parents and worked hard to succeed and prove she was worth loving. She hoped to get noticed and loved, but found that she rejected any kindness for lack of trusting it was real. She was wounded and armoured living from the mind and closing her heart so as not to feel the pain within or experience any more loss and disappointment.

She achieved many impressive promotions in her career and multiple qualifications only to realise that these did not make her happy or healthy. She realised in time that she hated her life and fell in and out of depression for many years. She awoke to God and the greater evolutionary journey in her mid 20’s. Since then she has been focused on releasing her emotional pain and baggage to return to a state of harmony and peace. She has used many different healing modalities and is trained in those she found most beneficial – Psych-K, Reiki, Light Therapy.

In an unexpected turn of events Jodi-Anne found herself returning to the role she first commenced her career with. She had loved that role and sang through each day enjoying being of service to the community as an Environmental Health Officer. She is currently reliving this experience and happy living simply and performing a job she enjoys and enjoying her life outside of work.

For the first time ever she has no desire to achieve, advance, fix, heal or change herself or anyone else for that matter. She finally has peace inside and is content being in that feeling and opening to greater balance in her life with social activities, close heart-focused friends and a love for life.

She is not seeing clients or offering healing services at this stage. This is a time of celebrating the peace within and honouring self. Jodi-Anne will from time to time post on this website. She will not however be on here regularly so do not be surprised if she does not answer emails or queries quickly. She is finally living and loving her life.

It is her hope that all beings find this peace and become that in the world, for then we truly will have peace on Earth. Much love to all, Jodi-Anne x

Why many relationships fail – lack of energetic linkage

I love the Voice Dialogue work of Hal and Sidra Stone. In this short video they are explaining how many relationships end when the partners have not maintained ‘energetic linkage’ with each other. At the start of a relationship we feel ‘connected’ very strongly and it is that connection that feeds the relationship and keeps it strong.

If either partner moves the majority of their energetic focus elsewhere the connection withers and eventually dies. This happens quite commonly when one partner may get focused more on work or a hobby. The majority of their attention is focused on that and not on the relationship, so the partners start to feel less close. Over time they drift apart until they no longer feel any connection with each other.  It is very sad when this happens.

There does not necessarily need to be conflict, it is just a loss of connection and closeness. A common time when this occurs is with the birth of the first child. The wife may focus the majority of her attention on the child and the husband can feel left out. Not understanding why he feels sad or alone he may focus his time and energy on his work, his car, a hobby e.g. the Ipad / computer or start an affair to get the emotional connection from another source.

Sadly many people don’t talk about the growing void in the relationship, the feeling of loss or disconnection. Perhaps, they don’t want to risk acknowledging their vulnerability or they may try to do so but feel unheard. They then shut down further, turning their focus elsewhere. It is common for a woman to focus her energy and time on the kids or with her girlfriends. These provide her with the nourishment she had been missing, but it reinforces the energetic connection with them and not the partner. If the relationship is to survive the main energetic connection needs to be with the partner.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to keep your energetic linkage strong – just take a few minutes each day to connect emotionally, to look into each others’ eyes and really be present with each other. Talk from the heart sharing what you are going through. Once a week or so go out and do something together that you both enjoy. The more you nurture the connection the stronger it will be. Even just holding the intent for their to be a strong connection helps – it reverberates out and the other will feel it energetically.




Simplicity reduces stress and also helps the planet. We don’t really need all the fancy electronic gadgets or possessions that we have. We work hard and exhaust ourselves to get them. Then have poor health and little time to enjoy them. Better to live simply and enjoy life! Watch the sunset, connect with those around you and find peace within. Your body and the planet will thank you for reducing the burden.

Decision making

Sometimes it can be challenging to make a decision. Here are some helpful concepts from Susan Jeffer’s fabulous book ‘Feal the Fear and do it anyway’. Below is a table you can use to help you think through the implications of each action you are considering.

If I choose this course of action
The self
Gains for self Acceptable to me because: Not acceptable to me because:
Losses for self Acceptable to me because: Not acceptable to me because:
Significant others
Gains for significant others Acceptable to me because: Not acceptable to me because:
Losses for significant others Acceptable to me because: Not acceptable to me because:
Life balance
Gains for life balance Acceptable to me because: Not acceptable to me because:
Losses for life balance Acceptable to me because: Not acceptable to me because:

I find the below diagrams and summaries useful in reminding me that there is no wrong action to take. If we don’t like the results we get we can just change course. It is also helpful to realise that not taking action is a decision too! One that we often make over and over while we worry and procrastinate.

no win decisionno lose decision