Spirituality & conscious evolution

This page contains a wide range of information exploring how life works, why we are here, and why we experience what we do. It looks at the concept of conscious evolution – the theory that we are born here to learn, grow and evolve into more loving versions of ourselves through all that we experience. I hope you find the information interesting and useful in helping you to make sense out of your own life experiences and your journey of evolution.

Jodi-Anne Smith – Why do accidents happen? (9:47 mins) Text version
Jodi-Anne Smith – What is our purpose? (5:31 mins) Text version
Jodi-Anne Smith – The healer’s journey: 4 common pitfalls experienced by healers as they heal and serve (12:39 mins)
Jodi-Anne Smith – What is conscious evolution? (6:33 mins) Text version
Jodi-Anne Smith – How do you accept where people are at? (7:23 mins) Text version

Related information

Here are some videos by others that I have found fascinating in relation to spirituality and conscious evolution. Enjoy!

Jill Bolte Taylor – My stroke of insight (20:11 mins)
Anil Seth – Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality (17:01 mins)