TRE – Pregnancy & Birth

Many women experience parts of their body shaking during pregnancy and especially during labour, birth and after birth when their body is recovering. This is their body’s natural way of releasing built up stress, tension and trauma.

If you have learned Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) prior to getting pregnant and you feel comfortable and safe tremoring, then you may choose to allow your body to shake when it occurs spontaneously throughout your pregnancy and birth.

If you want to initiate the tremors using TRE while pregnant it is recommended that you do so with a certified TRE provider. Caution needs to be used to ensure that you are self-regulating and listening to your body and the signals it gives you.

If you have any complications with your pregnancy or abnormal bleeding do not initiate the tremors using TRE. Follow your Doctor’s guidance on what is suitable exercise for you to do.

Below are some videos about TRE during pregnancy and birth. Thank you to TRE providers Nienja Brouwer and Richmond Heath for their work in this area.

Nienja Brouwer – TRE during pregnancy (6:39 mins)
Nienja Brouwer – Tremors in the womb (1:23 mins)
Richmond Heath – Post-partum shivers & TRE for birth (33 mins)
Nienja Brouwer – Tremoring before and while giving birth: a midwife’s perspective (6:39 mins)
Nienja Brouwer – TRE for birth (4:49 mins)