TRE – how it helps

These videos provide different explanations of what Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) is and how it helps your nervous system and body.

Dr David Berceli – Shake and relieve anxiety? (8:49 mins)
Mental Joe – What is TRE? (2:43 mins)
The Berceli Foundation – TRE Tension, Stress & Trauma Release: a revolutionary way to feel better (7:11 mins)
Star Groups – Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (5:02 mins)
CTV News Report – TRE (2:08 mins)
Jodi-Anne Smith – one of the reasons why I do TRE (0:33 mins)

Want to learn TRE?

TRE can be learned via an appointment in person or online. If you have experienced significant trauma in your life it is recommended that you see a TRE practitioner like me so that we can teach you how to use TRE safely and ensure you know how to self-regulate during a session. For those that haven’t experienced significant trauma, you may choose to learn TRE from a practitioner or you can access a free TRE online learning course.

Over 5 million people worldwide have learnt TRE. It is taught in over 60 countries worldwide. If you would like to find a TRE practitioner near you visit the TRE global website.

Want to learn more?

Below are links to more information on TRE.