Kate (Jodi-Anne’s book)

Hi Jodi
Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. Sorry if I was bit too ‘grounded’, I do swear a bit. I thought your book rocked in a nutshell. Thank you. … Your book was my mirror in most respects. What you went through I could relate to on so many levels it really blew me away and yes I did get ‘excited’ because to just have that one person you know went to another realm and was honest about it made me go Thank God, as I have said. …

Your life is Real, as is and has been your journey from light to darkness, darkness to light. I admire your Courage and Strength. You gave it honestly raw in your book, I personally needed that. I’m an empath. I understand very much so ‘the strong one’. That is what I am called believe it or not!

Thank you once again for writing the book and please let me know if I owe you extra money for the after hours appointment and reading of this email.

With my sincerest thanks