Intergenerational trauma

Science now shows that the unresolved traumas of our ancestors gets passed along to the future generations through changes in the DNA and how it is read within our bodies. Stress and traumas that have not been resolved result in alterations to the chemical tags attached to the DNA that turn genes on or off, which affect what will be expressed within that person.

So you can be borm with a tendency towards fear, anxiety, depression, etc as a result of the unresolved stress and trauma passed through the family line. This stress and trauma can be healed and released so it no longer affects you, your children and grand children. Family Constellations can help us achieve this and stop the cycle. We can be free and healthy and pass this on to the future generations, so they feel strong, supported and capable of becoming all that they can be.

Videos on intergenerational trauma

Here are some videos and articles explaining the science of how this works. Welcome to the world of intergenerational trauma and ways to heal it.

In this video, Mark Wolynn, author of the book ‘It didn’t start with you: how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle’ explains intergenerational trauma, how and why it happens and how to stop the trauma being passed on to future generations. I loved this book and got many useful insights from it for myself, for the courses I teach and the clients I serve.

In this video Gabor Mate explains the impact of trauma experienced by a child while in utero, during the Mother’s pregnancy, and how this shapes the life they will lead.

Dan Booth Cohen explains how we inherit imprints of trauma, anxiety, etc, from our ancestors. These imprints affect our ability to function effectively in our lives. No matter what we do to heal, if we focus just on our self and what has happened in our life, these imprints do not shift as the original source of the issue is not being resolved. Family constellations can help us resolve them (3:19 mins).

Madhumita Murgia explains how stress affects our brains and limits our ability to function effectively. He shows how a lack of nurturing when you are young can set you up to have a sensitivity to stress, as it alters the way the DNA is read and this sensitivity to stress is passed on to future generations (4:15 mins). Family Constellations can help you release your own and your ancestors chronic stress and trauma, thereby reversing the damage and stopping it from being passed on to future generations.

Articles on intergenerational trauma