Frequently Asked Questions

What do YOU DO?

I help people heal their hurts so they can find inner peace and happiness again. I use a range of tools and techniques to help people find inner balance and harmony including Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Family Constellations, Psych-K, and the Crystal Light Bed.

What is Tension and trauma release exercises (TRE)?

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) is a series of exercises that activates the body’s natural mechanism for releasing stress, tension and trauma. All mammals have this mechanism which helps the nervous system discharge tension and return to a more relaxed state. (For more see TRE).

What is family constellations?

A process for bringing love back into families, healing disconnections and entanglements that have led to pain and blockages to the flow of love. It is an interactive process reuniting family members with love and respect for all, hugely healing and of benefit to all people in the family system, not just the client. (For more see Family Constellations).

what is psych-k?

Psych-K is a process to reprogram subconscious beliefs that are self-sabotaging. You replace old outdated beliefs that no longer serve you with ones that do. (For more see Psych-K).

What is a crystal light bed?

It is a device using crystals and coloured light to balance the body and chakras, so that you feel more peaceful and aligned to your highest path. (For more see Crystal Light Bed).

Why do you do that?

Because I’ve known what it is like to be trapped in emotional pain and feel frustrated not knowing how to solve it. I use what I have learned to help others so they can heal more quickly and avoid the years of floundering around that can occur when you don’t have a guide showing you the way. (For more see About Jodi-Anne).

How much does it cost?

A 1 hour appointment in person or online costs $120 AUS. (You can use the link here to book an appointment).

How many sessions do you need?

Returning to peace and happiness is a lifelong journey of healing your conditioning, completing and releasing trauma, getting to know your authentic self, altering your thinking and your behaviour patterns. As you do this you return to a state of self love with integration of body, heart and mind. It takes time to achieve this and to feel safe to truly be in your body, feel all your feelings and access your intuition and inner guidance. There is no quick fix. Jodi-Anne is a guide helping you along the path to inner peace and happiness. It is up to you how often you have a session and how long each one is. There is no right or wrong way, it will be unique to each individual.

You channel messages, what does that mean?

I access wisdom from within, I ask a question and the answer just comes to me and I write it out. I do not think about it or edit it, it just comes through ready to be shared with the client or the public.

Where does it come from?

You could say it comes from spirit, my intuition, my higher self and the higher selves of the clients. The messages are always supportive and love filled, helping people to improve their lives or understanding of their experiences. It is not harmful and does not tell people what to do. It is not predictive or clairvoyant messages. It is just supportive, helping the person to consider wider perspectives than they are aware of on their own.

Can I pay you just to get a channelling?

No, I do not offer channellings on their own. Sometimes there may be a message and this is given to clients, but sometimes there isn’t.

Weren’t you an academic?

Yes and I was trained as a scientist originally, but life showed me that I was hiding from my emotional pain and trauma through working hard and studying all the time. I realised that I was trying to save the world and solve sustainability problems, partly as a projection from my own wounding and that it was truly myself that I needed to save. Life diverted me onto a healing path, which I now do to assist others.

How long have you been focussed on healing?

Since my early 20’s when I realised how dysfunctional my life was. I was brought to my knees and had to find a way to rebuild myself, so I could find inner peace and happiness. Life is a constant process of evolution inside, finding self love and acceptance. I continue to walk this journey and assist others to do the same.