Examples of people using TRE

Below are a range of videos showing different people using Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). You will notice that everybody tremors in a different way due to the different trauma and tension patterns stored in their body.

Cathrine Scharff Thommessen – TRE (1:06 mins)
Fiona Soma – Myofascial release using TRE (4:39 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Muhammad Salah releases myofascial tension from a motorcycle accident using TRE (3:58 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Changing your breathing pattern can change your body tremor pattern (7:56 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Self-applied interventions for the TRE experience (16:23 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Myofascial unwinding: beautiful body movements (6:25 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Danny: TRE on relaxing and centering (1:23 mins)
Angelique Pollen – The transformative power of gentle tremors (5:06 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Desmond continues his process with TRE (11:39 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Swedish special forces soldier demonstrates TRE – before and after (13:01 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Dominic demonstrates how to move tremors past the pelvis (12:27 mins)
Jodi-Anne Smith – Jodi-Anne has a session with TRE founder Dr David Berceli (9:39 mins)

Want to learn TRE?

Over 5 million people have learnt TRE. It is taught in over 60 countries worldwide. TRE can be learned via an appointment in person or online. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended to ensure that you have learned how to self-regulate your tremoring. You can bring a friend and share the cost! Once you have learnt how to self-regulate you can continue using TRE at home for the rest of your life as part of your self-care routine. You do not have to see a TRE provider regularly. However, you may choose to have occasional or regular sessions with a TRE provider if you want more guidance or support with your tremoring process.

TRE can also be learnt in workshops and through a free TRE online course. Please note the free online course is not suitable for:

  • Anyone with psychological/psychiatric conditions that require strict regulation
  • Anyone with fragile psychological defences
  • Anyone who has a history of complex trauma (near-death experiences, abuse, violence, major accidents, natural disasters, surgeries, severe losses, etc)
  • Anyone with physical conditions that require strict regulation
  • Anyone with physical or medical limitations.

For anyone in the above categories, it is best to consult with a TRE provider, like me, to make sure TRE is suitable for you and to teach you how to use it safely.

Want to learn more?

Below are links to more information on TRE.