Examples of people using TRE

Below are a range of videos showing different people using Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). You will notice that everybody tremors in a different way due to the different trauma and tension patterns stored in their body.

Dr David Berceli – Danny: TRE on relaxing and centering (1:23 mins)
Angelique Pollen – The transformative power of gentle tremors (5:06 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Desmond continues his process with TRE (11:39 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Swedish special forces soldier demonstrates TRE – before and after (13:01 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Dominic demonstrates how to move tremors past the pelvis (12:27 mins)
Jodi-Anne Smith – Jodi-Anne has a session with TRE founder Dr David Berceli (9:39 mins)
Fiona Soma – Myofascial release using TRE (4:39 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Muhammad Salah releases myofascial tension from a motorcycle accident using TRE (3:58 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Changing your breathing pattern can change your body tremor pattern (7:56 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Self-applied interventions for the TRE experience (16:23 mins)
Dr David Berceli – Myofascial unwinding: beautiful body movements (6:25 mins)

Want to learn TRE?

TRE can be learned via an appointment in person or online. If you have experienced significant trauma in your life it is recommended that you see a TRE practitioner like me so that we can teach you how to use TRE safely and ensure you know how to self-regulate during a session. For those that haven’t experienced significant trauma, you may choose to learn TRE from a practitioner or you can access a free TRE online learning course.

Over 5 million people worldwide have learnt TRE. It is taught in over 60 countries worldwide. If you would like to find a TRE practitioner near you visit the TRE global website.

Want to learn more?

Below are links to more information on TRE.