John of God

John of GodJohn of God’s work has been promoted by many people including Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Nicole Rigato and others. There is plenty of evidence of healing that individuals have experienced. There are also lots of people who claim that he is not true to his word and is a fraud. Like many alternative healing approaches it is hard for scientifically minded people to understand or accept the process of energetic healing. There are no miracle cures. The energy just helps to lift the density out of people’s bodies and energy bodies. The individual then needs to process the emotions and other issues that arise. Much is needed for healing to occur.

John of God encourages people to continue seeing their Doctor and taking their medicines. His work, like all alternative medicine or healing approaches, are complementary to traditional medical approaches. They are not opposed. It is up to each person whether or not they wish to embrace alternative healing approaches and to see for themselves whether or not they can feel, sense, see its benefit to them. I have found John of God’s work very beneficial to me and those I know, that is why I have chosen to purchase a crystal bed and travel to Brazil to the Casa to see John of God.

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