Book – Advice from a higher Source


Jodi-Anne’s book – ‘Advice from a higher Source: channelled messages of love and support through life’s challenging moments’

CoverThis book is a collection of articles written by Jodi-Anne whenever life took her to a challenging space. In those moments of darkness and despair she asked for guidance and support from life, Universe, God. She would ask the most relevant question for her situation and listen for an answer. The articles are what she heard and recorded via automatic writing. They are not her words as such, but those that come through her to support her and humanity, for all beings go through these challenging moments – whether it is loss of a loved one, disappointment in their life, questioning their relationship, work, or life purpose.

This book contains 85 answers to help guide the reader as they navigate through life. It will be useful any time, but especially when you are feeling challenged by your life circumstances. It is at this time that we recommend you grab the book, identify the most relevant chapter and read it to help lift your spirit, your vibration, to help you see a way through the darkness, back into the light of day. For peace and happiness are there for all, once they learn how to navigate life’s challenges with love and self-acceptance.

The book can be purchased online as an ebook or paperback. (To purchase in your country’s currency, once the link opens, go to the top of the page and choose the flag symbol for your country 😊😊😊)

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