The difference between our higher self and our soul

I asked my higher self what the difference was between it and my soul. This is what I channeled (7 Aug 2014).


Your soul is your larger existence, the consciousness that is evolving and is at a certain stage of awakening based on all of your life experiences. I, the higher self, am the awakened one, the aware one, the part of you that still knows God. Your soul is the sum total of all the jigsaw pieces you have collected (so to speak) and I am the whole completed puzzle.

You become me as you become all that is. I am the completed one, the bigger picture guiding you forth. Your soul is the sum total so far, it has wounds to heal from past lives, gifts to uncover from them too, much to learn and integrate. I hope this is sufficiently clear for you to understand.

Yes, thank you. And talking to my soul is different to this?

Yes very different. You need to tune into your soul and connect with it to get its messages. You can write them like this just be clear in your intent. Amen.

My soul?

Yes, I do want to talk to you. I’m scared by your progress. I still fear going too fast, too much too quickly. I’d rather hide and avoid the truth. Each lifetime you clear some of this and open up further, become more willing to live in God’s light and soul. Me i’m still hesitant.


Because it is emotionally painful going through the lessons. I know it is a game and not really real, but it still hurts. I’m tired from it all. I’d rather not play, but you push forth each time determined to progress quickly and enhance your status, which doesn’t even exist. It is all silly, very silly. I’d rather just BE.

What can I do to make it easier for you?

Fly home occasionally to the temple of light and be recharged. John of God will help a lot, connecting you with Source more. No need to second guess these messages. TRUST. It is all okay. It is me you are evolving. Your higher self knows all is okay. I’m the one who doesn’t know it fully / completely. Be with me. Look after me. Send love and light to me. I need it too. Thank you for listening.

[Note: Jodi-Anne attended the John of God event in Sydney 2014 and received multiple healings that enabled her to let go of much of her fear and open up to sharing these messages with humanity. While still hesitant she is ready to move forward and has done so continuously. She purchased a John of God crystal light bed which helps a person to release their baggage and awaken to their true self. She uses this regularly and soon will open it up for clients to use as well.]

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