Appointments in person

If you would like to book an in person appointment with Jodi-Anne you can do so using the below calendar. As a part of the booking process you will be asked which modality you wish to experience during your session. If you are not sure you can select the ‘not sure’ category on the form. Then when you arrive for the appointment you can discuss with Jodi-Anne your major concerns and current priorities. Together you can identify the most appropriate modality to use for the session. That may include the use of Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), a Family Constellation using felts or guided visualisation, the Crystal Light Bed, Psych-K to alter subconscious beliefs or support and insight through counselling. 

Cost: $100 AUS

Location: Meadows, South Australia

To book an appointment use the calendar below. Once date/time has been arranged you can pay for the appointment using the below button. You can pay on the day of your appointment if you prefer.

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Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

TRE is a set of simple exercises, gentle stretches, to fatigue the leg muscles and start the body’s own natural tremoring mechanism to release stress, tension and trauma.

You can learn TRE during a single session and then use it on your own after that. It is recommended if you have a history of trauma that you practice TRE with a qualified practitioner to make sure that you are using it appropriately and safely. Jodi-Anne can help you learn how to use TRE with appropriate self-regulation processes to aid with this. If you find you need additional support then you can always have another session with her or your preferred mental health support practitioner.

Most people can use TRE on their own with little complication. As the stress and tension are released out of your body you may find that some emotions surface too. This is natural and healthy. It is the buried emotions from the past releasing. Just witness the emotions and let them shift out of your body. There’s no need to do anything else. It is just energy that was trapped inside that is now releasing.

Jodi-Anne will teach you self-regulation techniques to make sure that you are listening to your body and the signs it gives you about how much tremoring to do in a session. If you listen to your body then it should be able to integrate the shifts and you will notice no or little adverse reactions in the following days.

If you ignore your body’s signals and tremor for too long you may notice the next day that you’re tired, a bit emotional, as your body is integrating the changes. When this occurs it just shows you need to tremor for a shorter period of time and use the self-regulation techniques more often during the tremoring session. Our bodies are like pressure cookers. If there is a lot of pressure and steam inside we want to let it out slowly, gently, not just let it all explode out at once.

TRE is a powerful tool you can use to support yourself and your well-being. Releasing the tension and stress enables the body to relax back into a state of peace and calm.

TRE is not recommended for use by anyone who has recently had surgery, has any physical limitations preventing them from exercising, or anyone who is pregnant.

Here’s a short video explaining TRE and what occurs during an appointment.

Family Constellations

When doing an individual appointment with Family Constellations you use objects or felts to represent the various elements in the constellation, such as you, Mum, Dad, love and fear. As the client you stand on the felts to feel the energy and receive messages related to that element. As facilitator I guide you through the process to gain resolution and insight on your chosen issue. If you do not sense much when standing on the felts I can stand on them and see what information I receive.

If you would like to understand more about Family Constellations and how it works please visit the ‘Family Constellations‘ page of this website.

Crystal Light Bed

The crystal light bed is a healing device emitting energetic frequencies through quartz crystals positioned above the 7 main chakras of the body.

Clients lay on the bed fully clothed, relaxed, allowing the energy to penetrate into their cells. This enables release of lower vibrational energies, dense matter and stuck energies that have laid dormant in the cells awaiting a higher frequency to enable them to shift.

Each session will be different as layers of density shift, emotional holding patterns and muscular tension release. Sometimes you will feel multiple sensations as change occurs. Other times you may just feel peaceful and deeply relaxed. It all depends on what your body uses the light to process.

After a session you may feel a need to rest and let your body integrate the light. Sometimes you may feel energised, gain new insights and clarity. Every person’s journey is unique as their body uses the light for its highest good.

If you would like to understand more about Crystal Light Bed sessions and how it works please visit the ‘Crystal Light Bed‘ page of this website.


Many of us have a range of unhelpful, unsupportive beliefs that we have adopted as a result of our experiences. We may doubt our worthiness, our lovability, our ability to be successful, etc. If our subconscious holds the belief that “I am a failure” then it will result in self-sabotaging behaviours whenever you try to be successful. If you doubt that you are lovable, then you will self-sabotage when entering into relationships as you don’t believe that the other person can genuinely care for you.

Psych-K allows us to change these beliefs at the deep, subconscious level, so that we know we are lovable and worthy of good things, we know we can and will be successful. This positive programming then underpins our experience of life and affects how we feel and behave.

With Psych-K you choose a belief that you desire, such as “I am lovable“. The facilitator then uses muscle testing to check if your body already believes the statement. If not, then the Psych-K balance process is used to reprogram the subconscious mind, to anchor in the new, desired belief. You then muscle test to check it has worked and that your body now believes you are lovable. It is quite a simple process, but profound.

If you would like to understand more about Psych-K and how it works please visit the ‘Psych-K‘ page of this website.